Super Creative Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Fave Teacher

You've picked up something for you sister, BFF and mom and dad, but what are you going to get your favorite teacher?

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Many times, teachers get overlooked during holiday season, but if you think about it… you spend more time with them than really anyone else!

We know that getting something for every single teacher can be pricey, so why not whittle down your gift list to just your faves? Below, we've rounded up some super cute ways to show your teacher(s) just how much you appreciate them! They'll be so grateful for the extra love—and you never know, it just might help you snag a higher grade, too.

Baked Goods

Teachers love getting homemade goods, and what better way to make them smile then baking them a sweet holiday treat? You can make a pie, cookies, cupcakes, you name it. Just be sure to ask mom before you play chef in the kitchen! Also, while you're at it, you can even make them for the entire class. Show off your cooking skills while making brownie points with everyone in your classroom. Sounds like a win-win to us!


Amazon Gift Card

You really can't go wrong with an Amazon gift card. Whether you've got $5 or $30 to spend, your teacher will love this gift. This way, they can treat themselves to whatever they want and get it delivered right to their house.


Desk Succulent

Add a little green to your teacher's desk by gifting them an adorable succulent! These are super low-maintenance and easy to keep alive, and they add a pretty pop of green to the classroom. Extra points if you choose a plant that helps with air-circulation and filtering. See our faves HERE.

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Polka Dot Lunch Box: $9.50

Up your teacher's lunchtime swag with a pretty polka dot lunch box! Yes, teachers bring their lunch to school, too. Trust us, they'll get a ton of use out of it!

Amazon polka dot lunch box

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Personalized Notepaper: $26

If you want to go the extra mile to get your teacher something you know she's going to love, then you've got to get her something personalized. Blank notepaper is always a good bet because they can use it for anything!

Paper source personalized note paper

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Math Mug: $11

Love your math teacher? Then you've gotta get them this awesome math mug! They'll totally appreciate it, and you'll probably spot it on their desk daily.

Amazon math mug

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Deluxe Sharpie Set: $9

What teacher doesn't love a sharpie? In fact, who wouldn't love to get a fresh sharpie set? You know they'll put these bad boys to good use—but hopefully not tearing up your next quiz ????.

Sharpie set Amazon

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Sassy Coloring Book: $8

Yes, even adults like coloring. This cheeky #TeacherLife coloring book will definitely bring a smile to your teacher's face. This is especially good to gift your art, drama or pottery teacher.

Teacher Life Coloring Book

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Inspire Bracelet: $35

Sometimes you come across a teacher who really just blows you away. If you're constantly feeling inspired every time you're in their classroom, you should let them know! This mantra bracelet from Nordstrom is the perfect gift to tell them just how much they inspire you each and every day.

inspire mantra bracelet

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College Beanie: $21

Is your teacher or coach a total fanatic for a certain college? Then you've got to get them a beanie from their favorite school! This gift is even more meaningful if you and your teacher already have a rapport about said school. Hey, you might even go there one day!

USC beanie



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