6 Creative Ways to Get Noticed by Your Crush

Having a crush is so much fun.

You get butterflies every time you think about this particular person, and you feel a jolt of electricity every time you you see them.

But what if you're crushin' on someone who doesn't know you exist? That definitely takes the fun out of the experience. We're here to change that. Keep scrolling for six creative ways to get your crush to notice you:

Casually Connect With Them on Social Media

Social media itself is one way to totally get noticed by your crush, and you have the benefit of hiding behind a screen to get connected. There are a handful of subtle ways to get noticed by your crush online, and we've rounded them up for you HERE.


Find a Natural Way to Introduce Yourself

If you've never officially met your crush, there are lots of ways to naturally introduce yourself without having to march up to them at their locker. If you have class together, ask them for something simple, like a pencil to borrow, or a stick of gum. It also can't hurt to ask them to be partners on the next project. And always laugh when they crack jokes out loud in the middle of class.


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Live Your Life

Plain and simple: Hang out with your friends, attend parties and go to the concerts of your dreams. Your crush will see you on social media, at events and having a great time. People are attracted to those who are confident and independent!

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Throw Them a Compliment and Keep Walking

As you pass in the halls at school, hit them with a "that's a cool hat" or "I love that shirt" and just keep walking. They'll wonder who you are and be impressed with your confidence. It's a little gutsy, but what's the worst that can happen?


Get Involved at School

Is your crush president of the Drama club? Are they super into swimming? Taking up a similar extracurricular activity will not only expose you to something new, but will also be a way for your crush to connect with you. Also, most clubs and after-school sports are relatively small in terms of members, so you definitely won't be just another face in the crowd to the person you're crushing on.

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Tell a Joke

You don't need a whole new wardrobe or the newest makeup palette to attract a guy's attention—just a sense of humor. If you're hanging out with a group of people and your crush, give your best stand-up jokes a try. The person of your dreams will be attracted to your wit.


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