Game Shakers Star Cree Cicchino Fills Us in on Her Hobbies, Unusual Spirit Animal and Love for Alessia Cara

Cree Cicchino proves that science and technology are always awesome on Nickelodeon's Game Shakers. 

She also happens to be our creative, confident and fearless #WCW this week both on and off-screen. We learned a little bit more about the actress and dancer, including her creative endeavors outside the show, travel goals and more.

Scroll through to learn about everything this girl can do!

Cree Cicchino WCW art

(Photo Credit: Ricky Middlesworth)

Name: Cree Cicchino

Hometown: Queens, New York

Birthday: May 9

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Fun Facts:

1. She writes short stories and poetry in her free time. Because she's so creative and talented on the show, we're sure her stories are fantastic.

2. She has two dogs on opposite ends of the country. "One is back home in New York—he's a Morkie named Chino," Cree told Sweety High. "And one is here in California with me, a rescue Chihuahua named Clyde." We haven't seen any pics of Chino, but we did find one of her and Clyde that has us completely smitten. Keep those dog photos coming, Cree.

3. She has an unusual animal connection. "I believe pigeons are my spirit animal," she said. "I guess I just like how they're always so confident and calm."

4. She has a classic phobia. "I have a fear of fear," she revealed. "I do not enjoy being scared or any sort of anticipation of fear." We actually think the proper term she was looking for is fierce. I mean, look at that outfit. Who needs fear when your outfit is that fire!? ????

5. She loves traveling in general, but really wants to visit New Orleans. "I just love how there is so much culture and story there," she said. "I really want to go to a voodoo shop and get my palm read."

6. She has a twin sister named Jayce. They did a face swap on Snapchat that is both hilarious and scary at the same time—they look exactly the same!

7. She is a low-key singer and did an amazing cover of Alessia Cara's "Here." Check it out below, you won't be disappointed.


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