Eerie Halloween Decorations to Up the Scare Factor for Your Haunted House

Come Halloween time, it's all about having the creepiest house on the block.

Claim your title of Best Haunted House in your neighborhood by adding these 13 decorations to the front of your home. They're delightfully frightful.

House with halloween decorations

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1. Animated Life-Size Skeleton: $99.99

Give trick-or-treaters the fright of their life with this motion-activated skeleton. He even comes with a microphone so you can feed him words to totally freak people out.

Full-size animated skeleton halloween decoration

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2. Living Tree: $24.99

This guy sure ain't no Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas, that's for sure. Watch your step, he looks ready to grab any unsuspecting victim who walks within arm's reach.

Tree with a face and arms on it for a Halloween decoration

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3. Skeleton Mice: $24

Living mice are cute, but these undead mice are a bit terrifying. There's so much darkness behind those beady little eyes.

Skeleton mice halloween decorations

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4. Groundbreaker Zombie: $16.99

Nothing is more horrifying than a zombie rising from the dead to eat your brains. He looks mighty hungry…

Zombie halloween decoration coming out of ground

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5. Hanging Bats: $31

You do not want to get bit by one of these bad boys, unless you're cool with being a vampire for the rest of your life.

Hanging bats halloween decorations

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6. Dancing Broom With Witch Hands: $39.99

An enchanted broom sweeping across the floor with ripped-off witch arms still attached to it … not spine-tingling at all.

Dancing broom with witch hands halloween decoration

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7. Giant Black Spider: $24.99

Just by looking at this guy, he doesn't seem too threatening. We've said it before and we'll say it again, never judge a book by its cover. This spider is over 6 feet in length! He'll surely cause a few jumps from multiple trick-or-treaters throughout the evening.

Giant black spider halloween decoration

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8. Animatronic Doll: $39.99

Dolls, for some odd reason, are always creepy. At first glance, this one doesn't appear to be all that spooky. That is until she removes her face to show her glowing red skull to the world.

Animatronic doll halloween decoration

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9. Gargoyle Door-Knocker: $39.99

Any soul brave enough to knock on your door using this gargoyle decoration deserves all the treats.

Gargoyle door knocker halloween decoration

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10. Black Cat: $35

For the record, we adore black cats. But this feline has striking, glowing green eyes that will send shivers down anyone's spine when they catch a glimpse of them in the dark.

Black cat with glowing green eyes halloween decoration

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11. Pizza Face: $24.99

Yep, that's someone's face cooked into a pizza. If you're still able to eat your fave cheesy dish after seeing this, we commend you.

Pizza face halloween decoration

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12. Crawling Monster Hand: $24.99

What's more hair-raising than a severed monster hand roaming around on its own?

Moving monster hand halloween decoration

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13. Clown Lawn Stakes: $24.99

Clowns are freaky, and these ones are no exception. Line the path to your front door with them to offer everyone the fright of their life.

Scary clown lawn stakes halloween decorations

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Now that you have your decorations picked out, it's about time you finally decided on a costume. Your zodiac sign is revealing exactly what you should be this Halloween HERE.