Crime Fighting Cheerleader to The Rescue!

Sixteen-year-old cheerleader, Kealey Oliver (pictured right), took matters into her own hands this past Monday night, as she apprehended a shoplifter at the Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City. Kealey was talking on her cell phone, and walking alongside her mom when she noticed a suspicious man running her way.

"I just wasn't going to like let him run right past me. I was like, 'Uhm, hang on mom' and I put the phone down. He got close to me and I just got in his way and just like grabbed him and then he kept trying to run so I slammed him on the ground," recalled Oliver to the local news channel.

The best part of this citizens arrest:  She was wearing a strapless dress during her maneuvering, and managed to escape with only a scratch on her arm and a bruised left knee.

Check out the video of Kealey's full account right here!