Crocs' New Hello Kitty and Friends Collab Just Might Change Your Mind About the Divisive Shoes

Love them or hate them, Crocs aren't going anywhere—and while we were holdouts for the longest time, some of their more recent drops have helped us realize the errors of our ways.

First, there were the 7-Eleven Crocs, which were way too stylish for their own good, and now, the new Crocs x Hello Kitty and Friends collab has our hearts all a-flutter.

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This is the first time the two iconic brands have joined forces, but after seeing the striking results, we're crossing our fingers it won't be the last, because everything is completely irresistible. When the folks behind the collab reached out and asked if we'd like to see a pair of the clogs in person to review, we just had to say yes, so keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this collaboration—including our honest opinion on the clogs.

The Collab

This is the first-ever collaboration between Crocs and Hello Kitty and Friends, and they really made it count. The new line combines the comfort and functionality of Crocs with fun, vibrant colors and adorable classic characters of Sanrio into shoes for all ages—and that's just the start of what makes them so special.

Crocs x Hello Kitty and Friends collab clogs on stairs

(via Crocs)


The Clogs

These chunky bubblegum-pink clogs are patterned with images of Badtz-Maru, Kuromi, My Melody and Hello Kitty herself strewn around like polaroids and connected with sweet stickers, and the white "sport mode" strap also features the words "Hello Kitty and Friends" in pink outlined with yellow. The best part of the look, however, just might be the eight included Sanrio and Friends Jibbitz.

Crocs x Hello Kitty and Friends collab adult clogs close up

(via Crocs)


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The Jibbitz

Of course this collab comes with its own darling Jibbitz (the signature Crocs charms worn in the holes near the toes). Each pair of clogs comes standard with Hello Kitty, My Melody, Badtz-maru, Kuromi, Chococat, Keroppi, Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin Jibbitz, with purple line detailing that makes them extra charming and gives them a consistent look with the rest of the shoe.

Crocs x Hello Kitty and Friends collab cascading clogs

(via Crocs)

Unique Hello Kitty and Friends Jibbitz can also be purchased on their own—though at the time of this writing, the classic 5-pack featuring Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Chococat, LittleTwinStars and Pompompurin is already sold out online, in addition to the glittery "Elevated" 5-pack, featuring two versions of Hello Kitty and her fave accessories. You can, however, still get your hands on the stunning Hello Kitty Glitter Bow Jibbitz ($6.99) Hello Kitty Glitter Jibbitz ($6.99). We're hoping they can do a restock of all of it in the near future.

Crocs x Hello Kitty and Friends collab jibbitz

(via Crocs)


Where Can I Buy the Clogs?

All available products from the Crocs x Hello Kitty and Friends collab are available to purchase online on the Crocs website HERE The Clogs are still available in certain sizes in two of the three sizes ranges: the Adult Classic Hello Kitty Clogs ($59.99) and Toddler Classic Hello Kitty Clogs ($44.99). Currently, the adult clogs are available in men's sizes 11, 12 and 13, with most toddler sizes still being available, while the Kids' Classic Hello Kitty Clogs ($49.99) are fully sold out online. We hope more become available soon, because there's definitely a demand for them!

Crocs x Hello Kitty and Friends collab kid and adult shoes

(via Crocs)


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How Do They Actually Feel?

While we'd probably wear our Crocs x Hello and Kitty Friends Clogs based on cuteness alone, after actually trying them out and seeing how comfy they are, we get what the fuss is all about. They're ridiculously light, yet sturdy and supportive, and the holes make them super breathable and airy. The shoes also have little bumps along the sole, and while they at first made our sensitive feet feel a bit ticklish, we soon got used to the sensation and how they gripped our feet. After being on them all day, the bumps even seemed to reduce foot pain. Plus, since the bottoms of the Jibbitz are flush against the inside of the shoe, they can't be felt at all when you're wearing them—which is good, because there's no way we're taking that cuteness out.

Crocs x Hello Kitty and Friends collab at home pictures

Whether you want to wear them out and about or just indoors as house slippers, you can't go wrong, and after wearing ours for a couple of days, we're no longer shy about being Crocs fans. We definitely see more pairs (and way more Jibbitz) in our futures.


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