Crowboarding? Sledding Crow Shows Off His Moves!

In Sweety High's latest Video Pick Of the Week, one clever crow participates in his own version of the Winter Olympics by grabbing a lid and using it as a mini snowboard! It's crowboarding!Crowboarding Snowboarding Crow

The Sochi Olympics might be over, but this crow is just getting started. As kids watch on from an open window, a crow grabs a lid and uses it as a sled to repeatedly side down the icy roof slope!

Just like humans, the crow must keep his balance as he drifts down. He flaps his wings to keep steady!

In the last couple of decades, scientists have learned more and more about the play behavior of birds. They have often been recorded finding various creative ways to slide down snowbanks, and from reportedly they do it just because it's fun!

This is just another awesome example of birds displaying their massive intelligence. Tell us what you think of this new crowboarding video below, and join us at to share your favorite viral videos!