If You Have a Soft Spot for Cruella de Vil, You'll Want These Items

We've said it once and we'll say it again, villains are the true unsung heroes of Disney movies.

We love a good evil-doer, especially the exceptional Cruella de Vil.

She had the greatest fashion sense and was undoubtedly the most evil of all the villains. Nevertheless, she was the epitome of fabulous.

Cruella de Vil with her arms crossed and a devilish look on her face in Disney's 101 Dalmatians

(101 Dalmatians via Walt Disney Productions)

If you worship her style as much as we do, take a look at the Cruella-inspired items that'll make you as astounding as the fur coat queen herself.

Scroll below to spot them all!

Cruella de Vil-Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears: $30

Repping your fave villain on your next Disneyland trip has never been easier.

Cruella de Vil-inspired Minnie Mouse ears from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Cruella de Vil Makeup Bag: $20

Keep everyone's paws off your makeup by storing it in this bag.

Cruella de Vil makeup bag from Etsy

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Cruella de Vil-Inspired Snapback: $34.99

If you're not ready to rock the split-color hair like Cruella, this hat will do the trick.

Cruella de Vil-inspired snapback from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Cruella de Vil-Inspired Earrings: $14

These are absolutely fabulous, don't you agree?

Cruella de Vil-inspired spotted triangle earrings from Etsy

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Cruella de Vil iPhone Case: $10

A stunning phone case for an even more stunning villain.

Cruella de Vil pink iPhone case from Etsy

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Cruella de Vil T-Shirt: $27.99

You know you need to add this tee to your closet stat.

Cruella de Vil T-shirt from the Disney Store

(via Disney Store)


Cruella de Vil-Inspired Clutch: $120

This clutch is a bit pricey, but it's definitely worth the splurge.

Cruella de Vil-inspired clutch from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Cruella de Vil Mug: $17.90

Because you know that's what you look like before you have any sort of caffeine.

Cruella de Vil mug from Zazzle

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Cruella de Vil-Inspired Key Chain: $15

Cruella has never looked cuter than on this key chain.

Cruella de Vil-inspired key chain from Etsy

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Cruella de Vil-Inspired Candle: $12.95

We imagine this candle smells nothing short of fabulous.

Cruella de Vil-inspired candle from Etsy

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Cruella de Vil-Inspired Faux Fur Coat: $104.90

If she really is your favorite villain, you've got to look the part.

Cruella de Vil-inspired fur coat

(via Wholesale Halloween Costumes)



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