What Your Crush's Birth Month Reveals About Them

You can gain a lot of insight about your crush and their personality by finding out their birth month.

Eager to find out what your crush's birthday might reveal about them? Just scroll down to the month below to find out.


January babies are the most ambitious and hard-working of the bunch. Your crush may have big dreams, but those dreams are always within reach, and they're constantly working toward making them a reality. They're a natural-born leader who's never afraid to speak their own personal truth, and once they've set their mind on something, chances are nothing you can do will make them budge. If you're equally strong-willed, you'll both have to work hard to find out how to come to agreements on things.

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Your February-born crush is unique and completely original. That's what makes them so hard to predict. They're an artist at heart, and they're always generating all kinds of ideas, ranging from absurd to profound. Still, no matter how good the idea is, they're not always the best at following through with them. They don't always find it all that easy to connect with others, but once they've made those first few steps, they can talk about anything with anyone. Try to encourage their creativity and help them create a concrete plan of action and you'll both be surprised how much they can accomplish.



Those born in March are dreamers who prefer ideas over actually taking action. Your crush tends to shirk responsibility, and chances are that there's some appeal to their slacker attitude and the fact that they're driven by passion rather than by obligation. You might not be able to tell from a distance, but they're sensitive by nature and are very caring with the people closest to them.  Their intuition is also totally unmatched. While they can't always funnel their feelings into something productive, they'll find great success if they do.



Energy radiates from your April-born crush in a way that makes their adventurous and athletic spirit apparent to everyone who meets them. They're often antsy and dislike sitting still, so they're always on the move and finding different ways to burn off all of the extra energy that's igniting their soul. Though they can be quite impulsive, it doesn't ever get them into trouble that they can't charm their way out of. They have a winning personality and an irresistible smile that you simply can't ignore.

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Those born in May find it easy to go by logic over matters of the heart, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible to win them over. They don't take their decisions lightly, and they think through every aspect of something before they act. While people might say that they think too much, you're drawn to their intellectual and careful nature. They don't tend to fall for people easily, but by truly understanding them, you just might be able to crack through that tough exterior.



June babies are emotional beings, so it may sometimes seem that your crush is always keeping their guard up because they're afraid of being hurt. However, a friendly smile is all it takes to get them to open up. Their empathy and kindness know no bounds, and it's likely that they made an amazing first impression by treating you like a friend from the get-go. If you're willing to open up emotionally to them, you'll quickly become close. Just keep an eye out for others who try to take advantage of their generosity.



Your July-born crush has an intensity and an enthusiasm for life that are unparalleled. You can see from a mile away that they're destined to be a star, and it's no surprise that you're drawn to their incredible charm. Though they're not always the leader of the pack, they're always surrounded by their entourage and have a lot of influence over people. Shower them with the attention they crave and they'll be sure to take notice.

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Those with August birthdays are known for their incredible sense of humor and the ability to force a chuckle—or at least a smile—out of even the most stony-faced of critics. Your crush has a warm, vibrant personality, and in every situation, they're working to bring out the best in the people around them. They know how to give an inspirational pep talk like no other, and their personality is tough to resist. Similarly, you can't even see them without a smile instantly creeping onto your face.



Your September-born crush is likely a perfectionist who holds themself to nearly impossible standards. You've always been impressed with their ability to succeed at whatever they try with flawless execution, but for them, they always believe they can do better. Since they're so hard on themself, it can do a lot of good to treat them with kindness and acknowledge their amazing abilities with genuine wonder. Since it goes both ways, stand your ground, but don't take it personally if any of that criticism gets hurled your way.



Your crush with an October birthday is a go-getter with enormous ambitions and just the work ethic and know-how to achieve them. They try to be prepared for all possible eventualities and prefer when things go according to plan, so surprising them isn't typically the best idea. They're willing to put in whatever it takes to get what they think they deserve, and they're also drawn to others who don't back down from a challenge.

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People born in November live mysteriously, and you've probably had a tough time learning much about your crush unless you've worked hard on getting close to them. They're someone who only confides in those they can trust, and it takes a while for them to build that kind of confidence with someone. They're typically unpredictable because they don't reveal their cards often, which is only because they have a tough time being emotionally vulnerable. If you do manage to crack the code and truly befriend them, a relationship may not be far behind.



Your December-born crush dislikes restriction and always prefers to do things their own way. No one can hold them back or stop them from being uniquely individualistic, and they're more comfortable with a changing environment than the same old stuff day in and day out. They really don't care for people telling them what to do, but despite their hardheadedness, they're also unendingly positive. The people around them always benefit from their optimistic outlook. You can learn a thing or two from them about leaving your comfort zone.


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