11 Memes You'll Only Relate to If Your Crush Doesn't Know You Exist

At one point or another, all of us have had that crush who barely knows we exist.

While being in your crush's blind spot can be super frustrating, we've all been there. These 11 memes sum up the feeling nicely.

But talking to them is so hard…


Best friends get it:

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Their disinterest doesn't change a thing:


We like those odds:

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Eye contact is all we want… and the last thing we want to happen:


This is why we have secret crushes:


We don't know why we do this to ourselves:

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Maybe if we're patient this will just work itself out:


Sometimes we get a little ambitious planning for the future:

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One doesn't simply get their crush to like them:


At least our celebrity crushes won't reject us:

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