Decoding messages from your crush can be tricky and a little bit stressful, but a single emoji might be the key to finally understanding how they truly feel about you.


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If you’ve been trying to interpret the real meaning of an emoji in your latest text or DM, keep scrolling for a little insight into your crush.

😏 – Smirking Face

The flirty smirking face may seem like a cause for celebration when it’s coming from your crush, but it may also be a signal that you should be cautious with them. The emoji is bolder than most, and may indicate that your crush is used to using this form of expression on people—meaning you might not be the only one they’re messaging it to. Whether this emoji comes from a guy or a girl, if you’re looking for more than a fling, it may be wise to watch out if you don’t want to get your heart broken.


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😎 – Smiling Face With Sunglasses

Even though the face with sunglasses indicates coolness, using it can signify that your crush is feeling anything but. Maybe they’re feeling a little bit shy or uncertain of themself and are trying to make it look like they’re playing it cool. You may want to bolster their confidence with a compliment and see how they take it.


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👽 – Alien

If your crush texts the alien emoji, it might mean that they’re been feeling like a weirdo or an outcast, but chances are that they feel like you’re someone who doesn’t judge them, and they feel comfortable and at home when they talk to you. That’s definitely a good sign, so encourage them to open up further to push your relationship to the next level.


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🌞 – Sun With Face

While 🌞 isn’t the most common emoji around, some people love using it to share that they’re feeling joyful and want to share a bit of that sunshine with you. Maybe it’s a vibrant, sunny day, or maybe they feel like they’re walking on sunshine. Either way, the fact they want you to be part of their time in the sun is a good thing.


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🤭 – Face With Hand Over Mouth

Though the face with hand over mouth emoji might look embarrassed at first, it’s usually used in a playful way. It signifies slight laughter, acknowledging silly mistakes, shy smiles and even secrecy, and is often used in a quite flirtatious way. Don’t use it for apologizing for big mishaps or pointing out someone else’s mistake, unless you want them to feel humiliated.


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😶 – Face Without Mouth

This mouthless face emoji signifies that your crush has nothing to say, or isn’t quite sure how to respond, but doesn’t want to leave you hanging. It means that they might be a little unsure, but that they don’t want to let you down, either.


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😐 – Neutral Face

Even though 😐 is known as the “neutral face,” you can expect a bit of negativity to come along with it if it’s just come from your crush. It can be used if you’ve just told them something to make them unhappy or you’re commiserating over bad news. On the other hand, it can also be used to express displeasure with you directly, so be very mindful of yourself and what you say next.


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😉 – Winking Face

The winking emoji is a pretty straightforward sign that someone likes you and is trying to be subtly flirty in your messages. From a girl, this one may be more playful and platonic, but from a guy, it’s usually a sign they’re interested. Unless they’re a major flirt with absolutely everyone, don’t be afraid to flirt right back.


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💩 – Pile of Poop

As bizarre as it might seem to be on the receiving end of a poop emoji, it can actually be a really good sign from your crush. It’s usually an attempt at humor, with your crush attempting to catch you off-guard and start a conversation with you. It might mean that they’re eager to talk to you but aren’t really sure where to start, so give the pile of poop a chance.


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🙏 – Hands Pressed Together

Though this emoji can have a number of meanings, in the context of texting with a crush it usually signifies thanks. It means that your crush is feeling grateful to have you in their life—but more information is needed to know whether they’re into you romantically.


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👏 – Clapping Hands Sign

This hand-clapping emoji might be more versatile than you think. It might be used pretty positively by your crush, emphasizing that they agree fully with what you’ve just said, or even congratulating you for something impressive. Of course, it’s also often used as a sassy clap 👏 between 👏 words 👏 for 👏 emphasis, which can be a sign of anything from excitement to drama. Maybe they don’t feel like they’re being heard, so now’s the time to really soak in the words they’re typing and start listening.


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🤞- Fingers Crossed

Whether they’re a guy or a girl, your crush probably isn’t going to surprise you too much with the use of this classic emoji. Chances are that they’ll be using it to wish good luck or let you know they’re hopeful for a specific outcome, but if that’s not the case, they might be hinting at another meaning. Crossed fingers also signify fibbing, such as when they let you in and joke about a white lie they told someone. And if your crush says that the two of you are like 🤞, that means they see you as being quite close, whether that means you’re the greatest of friends or something even more.


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💪 – Flexed Biceps

Is your crush flexing at you? Whether they’re a guy or a girl, they might use 💪 to show off a bit after demonstrating their real-life athletic prowess—or to boast about a smaller or less serious achievement in a way that’s silly or playful. They might also use it to show that they’re impressed with your feats of strength. However, from a guy, this emoji may also have a slightly raunchier connotation, so keep an eye out.


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😭 – Loudly Crying Emoji

While the loudly crying emoji has the obvious connotation of being upset or frustrated about something, it can also have another meaning—especially if you’re particularly close with someone. If your crush sends you the 😭 after you joke around with them, they might just find you uproariously funny.


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😡 – Pouting Face

We don’t know about you, but we see 😡 as much more extreme than a pout—but that doesn’t mean there’s any need to panic if your crush sends one to you. This emoji can actually mean a number of things, and while it might signify that your crush is angry with you (especially if you’ve done something to irritate you), it’s used in a non-serious way even more often. For example, if you send them the hottest selfie of all time, you might as well take 😡 to mean, “I’m mad at how amazing you look! How dare you?”


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😍 – Face With Heart Eyes

When you see this emoji, you can depend on the sender conveying a sense of love, adoration or general positivity toward something—whether that’s a cute puppy or a gorgeous dress. It can also be used to show affection or to compliment someone who’s looking stunning. However, it may also have romantic undertones. It’s very possible that the sender has heart eyes for you!


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😛 – Face With Stuck-Out Tongue

The tongue emoji is playful and silly, and your crush probably won’t message it to you unless they like you at least a little bit. Often, it’ll follow a bold statement, with the stuck-out tongue added to imply that they might be joking. That way, they have the chance to backpedal on what they said if they don’t get the response they wanted.


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😜 – Face With Stuck Out Tongue and Winking Eye

This goofy emoji may look a lot like the one above, but the eyes make all the difference. Rather than both eyes being pretty natural, this one includes one winking eye and one wide eye, so more often than not, it’s used to say, “I like you,” without saying it outright. It’s just as playful, but cheekier due to the suggestive wink, and most people don’t use it lightly.


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🥸 – Disguised Face

This disguised face, complete with face spectacles, nose and mustache, is typically used as a sign of deception. Whether a friend thinks you’re being catfished or just thinks that a situation is pretty sus, they’ll use his unique emoji to let you know that everything might not be what it appears.


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🤓 – Nerdy Face

A nerdy face usually means that someone just revealed something profoundly geeky or embarrassing to you, but they’re totally owning up to it. It means they trust you and aren’t afraid to show you their true self—though that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to be anything more than friends.


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😝 – Squinting Face With Tongue

The squinting face with tongue emoji is quite versatile, representing everything from goofiness and silly fun to laughing, joking around or just being playful. It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, giving it a flirty air—but we do recommend not using it in professional or academic contexts.


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🙈 – See-No-Evil Monkey

This nervous little monkey is usually a sign that someone has texted you something they can’t take back but might have cause to regret. Now, they’re a little bit anxious to see how you’ll respond. It might be the perfect opportunity to let them know how interested you are.


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😬 – Grimacing Face Emoji

Wondering what this grimace means when it comes from your crush? Well, to start, if you’ve just done something to make them uncomfortable, this cringing emoji is here to let you know exactly how they felt about it. On the other hand, they might also use it sarcastically if you’re both close enough to joke about moments that might otherwise be “yikes”-worthy. Of course, if they’re talking about a different situation entirely, this emoji can also be used to let you in on their feelings, and signifies that they’re open sharing their challenges and struggles with you.


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🔥 – Fire

The fire emoji is as straightforward as it gets, because it basically means that someone thinks you’re looking hot. While it might be really nice to hear that from your crush, it’s important to consider where they’re coming from, first. Does it seem like an authentic revelation of how they feel about you, or do you think they might be aggressively flirty with everyone they message?


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😇 – Smiling Face With Halo

This angelic-looking emoji is usually used when someone is actually up to no good. Your crush might be trying to play innocent, but you both know that they’re acting positively devilish. There’s potential that they like you back and they’re trying to show off—or that they’re trying to seem less mischievous than they truly are.


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😈 – Smiling Face With Horns

While the angel emoji can be used to convey quite the opposite, with 😈, what you see is what you get. Regardless of how your crush is using it, chances are that they’re having a devilishly good time, and they want to share a bit of that fun with you. Whether you’re exchanging a bit of playful banter or they’re just out making mischief, they’re not hiding it, and that’s a great sign.


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👀 – Eyes

The eyes emoji is shorthand for “did you see that?!?” and if your crush texts it to you, they probably spied some drama and can’t wait to dish on it with you. It means that you’re the person they turn to when they can’t wait to discuss something with someone. While that might mean that they see you as their best friend in the world, it could also mean that they see you as even more.


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🙂 – Slightly Smiling Face

This slightly smiling face emoji can mean different things depending on who sends it. If it comes from a boss, parent, teacher or anyone else who isn’t generally “in the know,” it’s fair to interpret it as a plain old smiley face. If it comes from a peer, however, the slight smile may represent the opposite— irony, sarcasm, passive aggression, annoyance or a patronizing tone. Tread lightly.


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😋 – Face Savoring Delicious Food

This adorable emoji has its tongue out, but just because 😋 is called the “face savoring delicious food” emoji doesn’t mean it always has to do with eating.  Its connotations include everything from silliness to just being plain sweet, joking around or even flirting. From a girl, this emoji will often suggest she’s just something extra tasty—but if you’re being playful with her, maybe she thinks you’re the snack. From a guy, the emoji is more likely to be a flirtatious one.


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😘 – Face Throwing a Kiss

There’s no denying that this is a flirtatious emoji, but does it always mean that someone has the hots for you? It all depends on the context. If you’ve just done the other person a solid, you may find that this emoji is simply a playful “thank you.” However, if they use it often, and in many different contexts with you, there’s a good chance they have a crush on you—especially if it comes from a guy.


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💋 – Kiss Mark

Unlike your crush is a makeup artist, chances are that if you’re getting kiss marks from them, they’re being a big old flirt with you. Few things have greater romantic connotations than a kiss, and while 💋 from a girl has a possibility of simple being playful and silly, 💋 from a guy is serious business. That is, unless he’s the type to send kisses to all kinds of people.


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😚 – Kissing Face With Closed Eyes

So what does this sweet kissing face mean when it’s not blowing a heart-shaped kiss? The 😚 emoji tends to be a bit more versatile, so you can’t always take it as a romantic gesture. From a girl, it’s likely to be playful and friendly, rather than a sign that she has deeper feelings for you. From a guy, 😚 is more likely to be a straightforward smooch, but more context will definitely be helpful.


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🙃  – Upside-Down Face

Now, here’s a versatile one. While the upside-down face emoji sometimes just means that someone’s being silly, you’ll see it used more frequently as a tone indicator. Often, it denotes sarcasm—so you should take the text to mean exactly the opposite of what it says. It can also signify awkward situations or hopelessness. Again, the context of the conversation will help you to decode this one.


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🤪 – Zany Face

This wild and kooky face certainly isn’t the most romantic on the emoji keyboard, but that doesn’t mean that getting one from your crush is a bad thing. From a guy, it’s likely to convey a sense of silliness or being out of it, but from a girl, it may also ironically suggest a feeling of being overwhelmed. If that’s the case, it may be time to lend her a listening ear and some words of encouragement to help her get through it.


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😊  – Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes

There’s something about the classic smiling face with smiling eyes emoji that’s all warm and fuzzy. As the default smiley, this one’s not too difficult to decode. It just means that someone is happy, and they want to share those positive feelings with you.


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🤩- Grinning Face With Star Eyes

If you’re getting a lot of 🤩 emojis from your crush, it may not be the best sign that they have feelings for you, as it can be viewed as a slightly watered-down version of the 😍, with the lovey-dovey connotations less present. In many cases, it can mean that they see you as a good friend and want to boost you up, but don’t quite view you in that romantic way.


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😅 – Grinning Face With Sweat

While we’ve seen some workout fanatics use this one for when they get their sweat on, it’s mostly used as an expression of embarrassment. If someone’s just texted something super silly or awkward, and they follow it up with this emoji, it’s generally an acknowledgment of what happened. If you’re interested, play it off cooly and move on fast!


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🥺 – Pleading Face

Who can resist those puppy dog eyes? While this emoji is occasionally used to recognize that something is preposterously adorable, it’s really designed for begging for something. If someone’s sending it to you, chances are that they want something from you, so take that into consideration before you send them your next text!


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👍 – Thumbs Up Sign

The thumbs up sign 👍 from a crush is one that you shouldn’t read into too deeply.  Whether you’re texting a guy or a girl, this emoji can be a bit of a signal that someone is done talking to you, or they’ve gotten the memo, so it can sometimes have negative connotations. However, it’s also commonly used  as a simple “received!” so don’t assume someone’s mad at you just because they’re using lots of thumbs.


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🥴 – Woozy Face

Here’s another emoji that means all kinds of things, depending on the context! In addition to signifying tipsiness, it can also mean that someone’s feeling sleepy or that they don’t understand a situation. It also somewhat resembles the bad smirk face that some dudes make when they’re trying to take a good selfie (and is pretty perfect for making fun of those people).


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😌 – Relieved Face

We love seeing this emoji when we’re texting because it typically signifies good things. There’s just something so peaceful and gentle about the relief on this little emoji, and when people use it, they’re usually sharing that they feel grateful, comfy, relaxed and relieved. It’s definitely a positive one, so when someone sends it, you can assume they’re pretty comfortable with you, too.


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😩  – Weary Face

Is there any exaggerated emotion that this face doesn’t represent? The weary face can be a little confusing because it covers the whole span of human emotion, but do understand that when people use it, they’re sharing some big feelings. While it was probably designed to represent the feeling of being overwhelmed, some people also use it when they’re ecstatic about a situation, or just dramatically whining about the situation they’re in.


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😔 – Pensive Face

While the word “pensive” might reflect serious thought and deep ideas, this face is essentially the universal emoji of disappointment. If your crush has been letting you know that they’ve been feeling down and they use this emoji, it may be time to lend a listening ear or some words of encouragement to help pick them up. On the other hand, if you’ve done something that might upset them, and they’re pointing this emoji at you, it may be time to own what you’ve done, offer an apology and make things right! On the other hand, some people might use this emoji all the time to guilt trip others, so watch out for signs it’s being used in a toxic way.


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😞 – Disappointed Face

The disappointed face may look a lot like the pensive face above, but it’s subtly different—and those eyebrows aren’t the only clue. If your crush shares this emoji with you, it’s likely they’re not feeling they’re best, but chances are that they’re not directly upset with you. It can signify a “blah” feeling, which may mean it’s time to lend a listening ear. On the other hand, it can also express shyness, and the fact they feel they can’t express themself properly.


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😒 – Unamused Face

The 😒 emoji is the universal symbol of a grumpy mood, so if your crush sends one your way, they’re probably not feeling great. If you get one in response to your own actions, they are not happy with you, and it’s time to either make things right or stand your ground. Of course, if they’re simply sharing with you, they at least feel comfortable letting you in on their feelings. They may just need a little time to vent, which can bring the two of you closer.


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🥰 – Smiling Face With Three Hearts

Is it even possible to look at this tempting smiling and not be filled with a lovey-dovey feeling? This cute emoji conveys warm fuzzies, happiness, affection and, of course, love. While this text from a girl might just mean that she feels comfortable and open with you, 🥰 from a guy is a pretty strong indicator that the likes you.


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💕 – Two Hearts

It goes without saying that these two hearts represent love, but what kind of love? That all depends on the situation. Sometimes, people might use this when they’re interested in someone romantically, but the smaller, pink hearts can represent an appreciation for a more platonic kind of love. People also use it to share that they’re into something, so don’t read too much into these hearts without more context.


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❤️ – Red Heart

The red heart emoji can be a confusing one. While some people would never throw this one around willy-nilly, others are quite casual in their dispensing of red hearts. We do find that ❤️ from a girl is often a friendly gesture, while ❤️ from a guy is almost a surefire sign that he likes you in some way. It may take a bit of digging to arrive at the real answer.


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😁 – Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes

Here’s an emoji that shouldn’t always be taken at face value. Yes, it’s the smiliest of faces, but the context will tell you everything you need to know about whether someone is actually excited about a situation or if they’re dreading it. Sometimes, this emoji ironically signifies misery, so keep an eye out.


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✨ – Sparkles

While many people will use these fun sparkles for ✨emphasis✨ when they’re texting, it’s very possible they can be used as a symbol of interest. If your crush is sprinkling them into all of your texts, especially when they’re hyping you up, take it as a big compliment—and a possible sign they’re into you.


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🤗  – Hugging Face

Here’s another emoji we love to see when texting the people we’re crushing on. When you look at that warm, blushing smile and those open hands, there’s no way you’ve got anything besides positive feelings. This one is affectionate all around, whether someone is just telling you how much they appreciate you and what they do for you, or if they’re actually in love with you.


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🎉 – Party Popper

While the party popper is a common sight around big holidays, and not one to read into too deeply, at least if you’re getting one, your crush is thinking about you as they celebrate! If the context is celebrating you more specifically, you’re definitely on their mind. You might want to suggest celebrating together to see if sparks fly IRL.


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🥳 – Face With Party Horn and Party Hat

While this celebratory emoji is generally recognized as one used to represent joy, partying and congratulations, you may also want to keep an eye out for a secret meaning coming from your crush. Whether it comes from a guy or a girl, 🥳 can also contain a secret kiss. It bears a striking resemblance to kissy face emojis, and is sometimes used to subtly blow kisses, which may mean your crush likes you more than they’re letting on.


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😂 – Tears of Joy

What the tears of joy 😂 emoji means coming from your crush will depend a lot on how up-to-date they are with emoji usage. If they’re a bit old school,, then chances are that you can take this emoji at face value, and they’re really enjoying their time chatting with you and think you are hilarious. However, if they’re in the know, they may be using it ironically with you. Just shared something that might be a little cringey? They may be making fun of you, so be careful!


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🤣 – Rolling on the Floor Laughing

This crying and laughing emoji may seem like it would mean precisely the same thing as its predecessor, but that’s not necessarily the case. This one tends to be more sincere, so if your crush is sending it to you, they probably think you’re actually really funny and you’re completely cracking them up.


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💀 – Skull

These days, the skull emoji is essentially a less basic way of saying “lol,” so unless the subject matter with your crush has been pretty grave or serious, chances are this skull just means they’re finding you genuinely funny.  You’ve got them dying with laughter. What could be better?


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😱 – Face Screaming in Fear

If your crush has just sent you the 😱, prepare for something big. Unless they’re sarcastic in a major way, chances are they’ll use this screaming emoji to either share that they’re so happy about something that they’re shocked about it—or on the other hand, that they just received some terrible news.


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🤦 or 🤦‍♀️ – Face Palm

If your crush is texting you face palms after a big goof on their end, chances are that they’re pretty embarrassed about it. Maybe they’re feeling foolish after being super forgetful or making a mistake—but either way, they’re probably feeling open to you, and don’t mind getting vulnerable, which can mean great things for you.


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🤷‍♂️  or 🤷 – Shrug

These classic shrugging emojis from a crush can mean everything from “IDK” to sharing indifference, but there’s one version of 🤷‍♂️  or 🤷 that you should keep a keen eye out for. If you feel like the shrug is being used passive-aggressively, and that you keep getting them in response to friendly or communicative messages, they’re basically conveying that they just don’t care and you’re annoying them. It’s more likely than not that they’re not interested, and it’s time to stop messaging.


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😆 – Grinning Squinting Face

We happen to think that you shouldn’t read too much into a 😆 emoji from your crush. Whether they’re a guy or a girl, this is a casual, silly emoji that can mean anything from actual LOLing to polite acknowledgment of humor.


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🙄 – Face With Rolling Eyes

The 🙄 emoji is another one that’s all about the context coming from your crush. If your crush has been talking about a situation that’s preposterous or a person that drives them nuts, they’re probably rolling their eyes at them in annoyance, and they’re comfortable sharing with you, and looking for you to commiserate. Whether they’re a guy or a girl, you can learn a lot about them based on how they roll their eyes at—and if they overuse this emoji, they might be a sign they’re big complainers who take everything too seriously. Also, if they roll their eyes at you, chances are that they find you irritating and aren’t interested, unless you’re close enough to joke around like that.


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🤔 – Thinking Face

Whether your crush is a guy or a girl, their 🤔 will generally mean one of two things. For one, they might just be the thoughtful type who likes to think things over for a bit before diving in. It can be used as a cue for “give me a second to think about that.” On the other hand, it can also convey suspicion. If you’re being dishonest or weird around them, this could mean they think you’re acting pretty sus. They’re on to you, so it’s time to get yourself in line!


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