How to Tell If Your Crush Is Leading You On

Dating should be as simple as your crush saying, "Yes, I like you" or "No, I'm not interested," But let's be honest, it's never that straightforward.

Below are five ways to tell if your crush is leading you on.


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1. They Don't Ask Questions About You

It's always nice when your crush wants to have a conversation with you, but be aware of the questions they ask. If they seem like they're trying to get to know you better, great! But if they constantly make it all about them or they frequently bring up one of your friends, you're clearly not their focus, and they probably aren't that into you.


2. They Text You Sporadically

Texting should be simple. If someone likes you and you like them, the texts you two exchange will be frequent. Someone leading you on will be inconsistent with their text messages and only reach out when it's convenient for them.

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3. They Ask for Favors

Be aware if your crush only seems to be asking you for favors. Maybe it's homework help, or maybe they're even taking it as far as asking you to do their homework. When your crush only talks to you for their benefit, it's a red flag and should not be overlooked.


4. They Treat You and Your Friends the Same

When your crush approaches you, of course it makes you feel special, but be cautious and aware of the way you two interact. Do they converse with you the same way they do their friends and your friends? If so, chances are they only see you as a friend, too.


5. There Are No Immediate Plans in the Works for You Two

If there is a solid plan on the table to hang out or go on a date, that's a good sign. If your crush seems to beat around the bush or doesn't give you a direct answer when you ask them to hang out, they're leading you on. Someone who likes you and wants to spend time with you will be equally as excited to make plans with you as you are excited to make plans with them. You shouldn't be waiting by your phone!

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