5 Simple Signs Your Crush Might Be Into You

Not knowing whether your crush likes you back is one of, if not the most agonizing things in this world.

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How do you know if they're just being nice or if they have actual feelings for you? It's a constant guessing game.

We're here to settle the confusion with five simple signs that indicate there's a chance the butterfly feelings are mutual.

1. Their Direct Eye Contact and Body Language

As obvious as it may seem, if someone is constantly gazing over at you, it is very probable that they're into you! Eye contact is inevitable if you're holding a conversation with someone, but if you notice them glancing over at you even when you two are not chatting, there's something there. A sure sign they're crushing on you is if they make an effort to have some sort of physical contact. That could mean their arm just barely grazes yours as you walk, or they always initiate a hug when they see you. Smooth move.

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2. They Share Personal Information With You 

If the cutie you're crushing on often reveals little-known facts about their personal life (i.e. things they're passionate about, family life, biggest dreams, etc…) they probs want you to get to know them better. By confessing these details of their life, they're showing that they trust you. Is trust not one of the most important things to have in a relationship?! ????

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3. They Listen to–and Even Remember–What You Say 

If you tell your crush your fave candy is Skittles, and then weeks later they present you a bag of that very candy when seeing a movie together, they're crushing on you (and hard). When someone likes you, they listen to what you say and they never forget it. They want to know your likes and dislikes so they can impress you!

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4. They Make an Effort to Talk to You Even When You're In a Group 

Do you and your crush share the same friend group? If you hang out in a big crowd, it can sometimes get tricky trying to determine if they see you as just another friend in the group. A sure way to tell they're into you, is if they take the time to single you out even when there are several people around. They will somehow find a way to stand next to you or engage with you in a side conversation. If your circle of friends sends group texts, they occasionally send you a personalized text as a one-off from the group messaging. They want to make sure you know they're thinking of you.

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5. They Make Plans to See You

When your crush actively tries to spend quality time with just you, it means they have interest. If you're constantly the one texting them first or trying to get together, that's a sign they might not be feeling it as much as you are. If someone likes you, they will make sure you're not feeling like the sole one making the effort.

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