5 Signs Your Crush Is Secretly Checking Out Your Instagram Page

Studying any person's Instagram account long enough can get you quite acquainted quickly.

In fact, after a while, you may even start subconsciously referring to people they know or things they've done—and sometimes you just might want to keep your knowledge secret—whoops!

Curious if the person you like has been creepin' on you? Keep reading for five signs your crush is secretly checking out your Instagram page.

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Your Crush Mentions Your Old Vacation

If your crush casually mentions a place you've visited but you've never told them about it in person, it means they were checking out your page. This is especially true if you visited the destination they mentioned a long time ago. It means your crush did quite the lengthy scroll, and has been taking note of all the activities you have partaken in for the last couple of months—or who knows, maybe even years!


Your Crush Knows Your Pet's Name

If you've never introduced your crush to Fido but they somehow know your dog's name, it means they definitely gave your page a solid eye stroll. Pet names are tricky to remember. If your crush offers up your own pet's name before you introduce them, it means they've been keeping tabs on what you and your pup do in your free time.

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Your Crush Knows What Your Parents Look Like Before Meeting Them

If your crush references your mom's blonde hair or how tall your dad is before they meet IRL, it's a surefire sign they've been watching you on Instagram. Meeting parents is a huge deal, and trying to be liked by them is something we all struggle with. If your crush does their homework and tries to figure out what your family is like, they're very likely going to your page to get that intel. If before the big meeting, your crush lets on that they're familiar with what your parents look like, it means they've been secretly scrolling away.


Your Crush Can Recite Your Friends' Insta Handles

One easy way to figure out if your crush is spying on you via Instagram is to check if they know your friends' Instagram handles. If they can't recall all of their names in IRL but are quick to call them by their Instagram handles, it means they are spending serious time on your page. Our brains register things that are repetitive, and Instagram handles tend to be sticky. If they have a slip of the tongue and call your BFF by their handle, it's a good sign!

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Your Crush Knows About the Last Big Event You Had

If your crush casually mentions your brother's graduation or your school play, you know they've been parked on your page. It'll be hard for them to keep everything you've talked about straight if they're constantly on your page. They'll get confused about what you told them about vs. what they saw on your page. If they are visiting your grid often, it's only a matter of time before this type of slip will give them up.


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