QUIZ: What's Your Crush's Love Language?

Our relationships with other people are some of the most important bonds in our life.

Humans need other humans—that's why we're always on the hunt for people who bring positivity and happiness into our lives. However, interacting with other people isn't always easy as it seems. We all have unique modes of thinking and varying value sets, which means we give and receive love in vastly different ways. Enter: the love languages.

Based on author Gary Chapman's years of experience counseling couples of all ages, the five languages represent five fundamental ways people express love. Although you can receive and give love through all five, everyone has a primary love language that guides their emotional interactions.

So why is this important? Because recognizing your love language and that of another person who you care about allows you to communicate your affection in the way that's most meaningful to them, increasing the chances that they'll feel truly appreciated by you and hopefully give that same affection back in return. And there's one place you can really use love languages to your advantage: in your relationship with your crush. But first, you have to know what their love language is.

Thankfully, we're here to help. Take the quiz below to find out your crush's love language.





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