How to Deal If You're Crushing on Your BFF's Sibling

You really can't help who you're attracted to.

Unfortunately, that means you might be attracted to totally inappropriate people. For example, crushing on your best friend's sibling is anything but straightforward and uncomplicated. But what can you do about it?

Well, it all depends on the situation. Will your friend hate you if you start dating their sibling or do you think they'll be cool with it? Do you think the relationship has real potential or is it just a fleeting attraction? The answer to these and more questions will help you deal with your crush without totally ruining your life.

Crushing on your BFF's sibling isn't the end of the world. Keep scrolling for our tips on how to deal with the situation.

Question the Feelings

Being attracted to someone is one thing, but liking them enough to have a real, serious relationship with them is entirely different. Before you do anything that could mess up your relationship with your friend, take time to analyze your feelings. Do you think your attraction to your BFF's sibling has real potential? Or is it just the result of spending so much time around them while you hang out with your BFF?

Give yourself time and space to determine if these feelings are actually real. If it's just a fleeting crush that has no potential, there's no point in messing up the status quo to pursue it.

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Question the Response

You may determine that your feelings are genuine, but you also have to consider if they'll be reciprocated. Sadly, many of us develop really intense crushes that have no hope of going anywhere. It happens all the time, and it could certainly happen in this situation.

Relationships involve two people, so before you take anything further, you should ask yourself if your BFF's sibling has ever expressed any interest in you. Have the two of you been forming a connection or are your feelings entirely one-sided? If the latter is true, there's no point in pursuing the relationship. It's already complicated enough to crush on your BFF's sibling. Don't make it worse by pursuing someone who isn't that interested in you.


Talk to Your Friend

If you decide that your feelings are genuine and that a real relationship could form here, it's time to talk to your friend. No matter what happens, you should always keep your BFF in the loop. Significant others will come and go, but your BFF should be your one constant. It's most important to preserve that relationship, even if it means sacrificing your crush.

Before anything happens between you and your BFF's sibling, you have to talk to your friend about your feelings. It'll definitely be scary, but it'll be a million times worse if they find out about your crush from someone else. By keeping them in the loop from the beginning, you're putting your friendship first. That's how it should be.

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Listen to Their Response

Talking to your friend isn't just about saying how you feel and then doing whatever you want. You also have to listen to their response. And when we say listen, we mean really listen.

If your friend isn't cool with you pursuing something with their sibling, you have to listen to that and respect it. You can always choose to pursue a relationship anyway, but you have to know that you're sacrificing your friendship with your BFF in the process.


Try to Compromise

If your friend really isn't comfortable with you dating their sibling, you don't have to just roll over and accept it. While you shouldn't ignore their feelings and pursue a relationship anyway, you can try to come to some sort of compromise.

For example, you can outline rules for your relationship with their sibling that might make your friend more comfortable. You can promise that you won't talk about the relationship around them, and that you'll create some separation between the time that you hang out with your BFF and the time you spend with their sibling. If you really feel like this romantic relationship is important to you, try to find a way to compromise that leaves both and you and your friend feeling comfortable.

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Know the Consequences

Getting involved with a BFF's sibling isn't something that should be taken lightly. The likelihood that you'll experience a breakup with their sibling at some point is very high. Unless the breakup is completely amicable, it will lead to tension between you and your BFF. After all, family is family and your BFF will surely feel a sense of loyalty to their sibling.

Before you pursue a relationship with a BFF's sibling, consider the consequences. Are you prepared to risk losing your BFF? Is the relationship worth messing up the status quo? If the answer to any of those questions is no, it's probably better to put your feelings aside and move forward focused on your bestie.


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