This Is What Your Crush's Style Says About Them

So you've been crushin' on a particular someone for awhile now.

You want to approach them, but maybe you're just a bit timid.

If you want to find out a tad about the person you're googly-eyed over before you even converse, scroll below and get to know them simply by getting to know their style.

Who knows, maybe their outfit will help strike up a conversation?


Preppy boy in a blue sweater and tie

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What they wear: Lots of dress shirts, ties, Vineyard Vines' polos, colorful shorts, khakis and, of course, Sperry's

What this means about them: Your crush means business. They're a tad serious, majorly sophisticated and very into their school work. If you want to have this person in your life, find a way to invite them to a study session or prompt them to join a school club with you. If they say yes, you'll get to see just how motivated they are.



Teen boy playing basketball

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What they wear: Nike shirts, basketball shorts, tennis shoes, an occasional Patagonia jacket

What this says about them: This crush of yours loves to keep busy. Because they're always on the move, they're drawn to athletic and outdoor gear. Want to really impress this person? Ask them to do something active with you like go on a long hike, play a pick-up game of basketball or head to a skating rink. They'll love that you're taking interest in them and their hobbies.



Punk guy playing the guitar

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What they wear: Tons of jeans, band T-shirts, a few bracelets here and there

What this says about them: Your crush is into music and there is no denying that. Their laid-back attire perfectly matches their laid-back personality. Although their exterior may look tough, don't be fooled—your punk rocker is a total sweetheart once they get to talking. Strike up a convo about the band on their shirt and they will love you forever.



Hipster teen wearing a fedora

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What they wear: Neutral colors, slouchy or fedora hats, a vintage leather or denim jacket and glasses

What this says about them: Your hipster crush is totally independent and totally open to trying new things. They don't care if things they like aren't mainstream, they wear and do what they like and they don't care what other people think. If you really want to impress your crush, be bold and make the first move by telling them you're interested and asking them to hang out! They'll respect your courage and value your honesty. Score. ????



A boy on a skateboard in front of an orange wall

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What they wear: Skinny jeans, oversized T-shirts, Vans and a backwards cap

What this means about them: Your crush has a totally go-with-the-flow personality. They don't like to overthink anything in life (i.e. their wardrobe, their hairstyle, their weekend plans). If you want to impress them, plan a spontaneous weekend activity for them and your friends. Show them that you, too, can be adventurous and don't always live by a schedule.


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