How to Contour and Sculpt Your Face With Cryo Facial Globes

We love self-care days, especially when they have to do with facials.

Whether it's a simple sheet mask sort of day or one where you go all out, we love them all. Recently, we were introduced to cryo facial globes, and we seriously can't get enough. Esthetician and CEO of Facial Lounge, Amber Rose, was kind enough to answer all of our most pressing questions. Keep scrolling to find out all about cryo facial globes, and how to contour and sculpt your face with them.

Sweety High: Tell us about yourself and your background!

Amber Rose: I worked in the medical industry and the natural food industry at the same time and saw faults in both. The medical side had a lot of chemicals, harsh ingredients and animal testing and the natural side had no scientifically proven ingredients. That is when I started my career in skincare and facials, creating clean, vegan skincare that is backed by science.


SH: What are cryo facial globes?

AR: Cryo globes are glass massage tools that are filled with a special liquid that doesn't freeze but stays cold longer. They're made smaller to fit under your eyes.


SH: What are the benefits of cryo facial globes?

AR: Cryo globes are great for lymphatic drainage, puffiness, under-eye bags, and relieves tension headaches, acne and redness. Use with serums and moisturizers—they help them to penetrate deeper into your skin!


SH: Are there any cons of using cryo facial globes?

AR: They're made of glass—so don't drop them!


SH: How does it work? Do you get it professionally done or can you do it from home?

AR: The cryo globes can be used as a lymphatic drainage tool to help drain fluid from your face which helps with puffiness. They can be used under the eyes to help dark circles and puffiness and can be used on blemishes to help calm acne. I use these professionally in the spa because I love them, but I encourage you to use them at home.


SH: What are the best ways to use cryo facial globes?

AR: For lymphatic drainage it is important to go down towards your heart. Going this direction helps to open your watershed line to rid puffiness and fluid from the face. You can contour your face by rolling upwards under your cheekbones and eyes.


SH: What are your favorite cryo facial globes on the market?

AR: Facial Lounge's Cryo Globes ($65) because they were made the perfect size to help massage the face—especially to fit under the eye area and cheekbones. They were also made with a liquid that doesn't freeze and stays cold but doesn't burn your skin.


SH: Is there anything else you think our audience would like to know?

AR: I love that the cryo globes are reusable and last for years, which makes them eco-friendly.


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