This Is the Crystal You Need, Based on What You Want Most in Life

Crystals are all sorts of magical.

These little stones can be used to attract a wide variety of positive things into your life.

Depending on what you want—from love to happiness to money—below is the type of crystal you need:

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If You Want Love, Use Rose Quartz

As you probably guessed, rose quartz is known as the stone of the heart. Not only does it open you up to love, it promotes self-love, too. It's safe to say having this crystal in your life is utterly necessary for more reasons than one.


If You Want Wealth, Use Pyrite

Though pyrite is better known as fool's gold, there's nothing foolish about this stone. Possessing this crystal doesn't mean you'll become a millionaire over night, but it will push you to generate wealth using your own power.

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If You Want Confidence, Use Citrine

This yellow-gold crystal is, obviously, closely associated with the sun. Wearing it will give an instant boost to your confidence. It'll make you a more positive person, too.


If You Want Good Health, Use Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline is known for being one of the best healing crystals around. Its wholesome energy magnifies your courage, strength, stamina and vitality.

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If You Want Good Luck, Use Agate

Agate is known for being a protective stone. It will bring you strength, but also make sure that nothing bad happens to you. What more could you want from a crystal?


If You Want Happiness, Use Sunstone

Closely associated with the sun, this radiant stone is known to bring openness, benevolence and warmth into the lives of those who possess it. If you're feeling down and out, this crystal will restore your enjoyment for life.

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Based on your zodiac sign, THIS is the crystal you should be carrying around with you.