Here Are 10 Versions of the 'Cups' Song You MUST Watch

Have you seen Pitch Perfect 2 yet? Ever after all of the movie's amazing a cappella sequences, we're back at square one with "Cups" stuck in our heads. Not that that's a bad thing! Get it stuck in your head, too, with THE 10 best versions of the song.

pitch perfect anna kendrick when im gone cups best versions

1. Pitch Perfect 2 brings back "Cups," minus the cups. It doesn't need them!

2. This 7-year-old girl flawlessly executes the whole thing like it's NBD.

3. With Dani and Lauren on cups duty, Cimorelli could definitely hold their own against the Bellas.

4. Sweety High's "Cups" supercut stars features the cutest furry, feathered and finned animals around (with cups).

5. Kara Della Valle, Grace Doty & Otto Tunes are in PERFECT harmony in this cups vid. It's impossible not to fall in love.

6. Beca's audition in Pitch Perfect is what started this whole thing in the first place…

7. But Beca owes it all to Lulu and the Lampshades, who paired the 1931 song "When I'm Gone" with the cup game for the first time in this video from 2009. This version is still one of the very best.

8. This a cappella cover by Sam Tsui, Alex G, Kina Grannis, Kurt Schneider features 4 people and miraculous cup acrobatics, and was filmed in a single take. We dare you to take your eyes away.

9. Anna Kendrick's official "Cups" music video is the gold standard for cups videos everywhere.

10. And if you still don't know how to play the cups game after all of these vids, check out this handy tutorial by Kristina G. You'll have it down in no time.

What's your favorite "Cups" video of all time? Let us know in the comments, and share your own renditions with us at!