6 Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Love having curls, but don't love all the styling that goes along with it?

Curling and styling not only takes a long time, it also damages your hair, especially during the summer when your locks are exposed to more sun and salt than usual. But, you can still score major waves without logging long hours of heat on your strands with heatless styling!

These tried-and-true techniques below will delivery the bouncy, flowing curls of your dreams—sans the hot tool.

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Headband Curls

The easiest and most comfy way to get pretty loose curls? With a headband! This technique is awesome because it doesn't require anything else besides a soft headband. Place the headband on, then divide your hair in two sections, twist and then wrap them around the back of the headband. This works best on damp hair—you can even sleep on it overnight—but it can also work with dry hair with a little styling spray.


Twist and Clip

Sometimes you just have to be resourceful with the twist and clip method. For this, you'll need 4-10 clips, depending on how small and tight you want the curls. Twist sections tightly and secure with a clip or pin, creating mini buns that would make Scary Spice proud.


Paper Towel Waves

Okay, this one might sound and look weird, but it really works, especially if soft waves are the look you're craving. Divide your hair into four sections, and then twist a piece of paper towel in with each section. The paper towel causes the hair to crease less and creates a softer, looser wave.



Good ol' fashion braids are the oldest trick in the book to achieve heatless waves. French braids are great because you can braid your hair one day, leave it in overnight and then take them out for waves the following day.


Bun Curls

For a little curl at the ends, securing your hair in a low pony with a scrunchie will do the trick! It also makes a chic hairstyle while it dries, perfect for a dry-and-go hairstyle during the day and pretty curls at night.


Soft Foam Rollers

For tight curls, try these soft and comfy foam rollers. They work really well on natural texture hair, but also work great on all hair types for super curly curls.


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