The 4 Taming Tools Every Curly-Haired Girl Should Put on Her Wish List

By now, you know that we know, when it comes to managing curly hair, the struggle is real.


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You've read about our hairy situations on numerous occasions, but we've finally stopped talking about it—and have actually done something about it.

After plowing through a slew of hot hair tools over the last year, we can honestly say there are some that are truly life-changing. And yes, that sounds like a dramatic statement, but when you've been trying to tame crazy frizz your entire existence, it really is life-altering to find products that make your day-to-day just a few smidgens simpler!

Keep reading for the four tools every curly-haired girl needs on their holiday wish list—because don't you want to wow your crush in the new year?!

InStyler's Blu Turbo Ionic Dryer: $99

Made with tourmaline ceramic technology, this lightweight blow-dryer provides excellent results on partially air-dried locks. Even if you don't have the time to go section by section into full-on blowout mode (as if we do!), this tool, which also comes with a concentrator and diffuser, will relax your hair enough in a timely manner to keep you from spending hours on additional styling. Added bonus: It doesn't send your hair into a poof.

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FoxyBae's Rose Gold Straightening Hair Brush: $149.95

With hair as naturally curly as ours, chances are, a self-done blow-dry won't create stick-straight strands. That said, the perfect accompaniment to your newly relaxed waves is FoxyBae's Straightening Brush. This tool will continue to relax the locks even more, and with barely any effort. Just turn on the product, and brush your hair all the way through (for about 15-20 minutes) until you no longer see it getting any straighter. Its infrared technology locks in moisture and reduces frizz. Don't expect to find chunks of hair in the brush after you use it—this product doesn't tug at your scalp.

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Grav3yard Curl Flat Styler Iron: $39.99

As part of the Bellami x Grav3yard Girl collection (which we own and love, btw!), this flat iron is the ultimate steal. Priced well under $50, it not only has vibrant, iridescent purple titanium plates, but it provides the same quality as any high-end flat iron on the market. We're used to seeing our split ends pile up on the bathroom floor after a good run with our iron, but such is not the case when we use this. And to top it off, it locks in the straightness, as we don't find ourselves having to continuously touch up.


(My naturally curly hair tamed by use of the tools mentioned above!)


Instyler's Cerasilk Woven Ceramic Curling Iron: $95

When you finally land the silky-straight locks of your dreams, you can achieve the highest-quality barrel curls. And we can't think of a better tool to help you get there than this. Not only do the curls come out sleek and effortless, but the product comes with a built-in heat protectant to defend against damage, and its innovative cool-touch grip tip features silicone bristles that gently hold sections of hair to allow for easy, hands-free wrapping. 


(My previously flat-ironed hair after a 15-minute use of InStyler's curling iron.)


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