9 Awesome Things You Can Buy If You Cut Out Your Morning Coffee Run for a Week

I've got a little problem—I love my morning coffee.

Although I could easily prepare it myself at home, I have a nasty habit of going to my local Starbucks or Coffee Bean each a.m.

Starbucks frappuccino on a table

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The bad part is once I have coffee, I also want breakfast. I end up spending anywhere between $3-7 on just a drink and breakfast sandwich alone. Not okay.

Last week, I tallied up the total amount I spent at both Starbucks and Coffee Bean and it came out to $36.30!

This really got me thinking. What could I have purchased if I made coffee at home or at work?

If you fall in the same boat as me and spend way too much money on your morning coffee runs, you might want to scroll below. To put things in perspective, I've rounded up just 9 things that both you and I can purchase if we skip a week of Starbs and Coffee Bean to-go.

1. An Adorable Sonix Phone Case

Price: $35

Money you pocket: $1.30

Skip that coffee for just a week and this cute lil' phone case can be all yours (with $1.30 left to spare)!

Colorful Sonix phone case

(via Sonix)


2. A Chic High-Waisted Bikini

Price: $24.99

Money you pocket: $11.31

Coffee or this amazing high-waited bikini perfect for summer? You make the decision.

Floral and striped high-waisted bikini

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3. A Fun Tumbler

Price: $14

Money you pocket: $22.30

Say bye to Starbucks and Coffee Bean for just a week and this bad boy can be all yours. Then you can make your own iced coffee at home to put it in this! Keep on saving.

Here Comes the Fun Tumbler

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4. A Cute Portable Speaker

Price: $12.99

Money you pocket: $23.31

A week without your coffee run could land you this petite speaker system. You know it's worth it.

Pink portable speaker

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5. A Pineapple Marquee Light

Price: $19

Money you pocket: $17.30

Light up your room (and your life) with this pineapple marquee. All you have to do is make coffee at home for seven days.

Pineapple marquee light

(via Sunnylife)


6. A Pair of Blush Pink Heart Sunnies

Price: $15

Money you pocket: $21.30

These could be yours. You can do it!

Blush pink heart sunglasses

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7. An Amazing Metallic Purse

Price: $16

Money you pocket: $20.30

Let's be real, wouldn't you prefer this stellar purse over a few iced coffees? We know we would.

Metallic purse

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8. A Fancy Marble Powder Brush

Price: $20

Money you pocket: $16.30

Makeup is far more important than caffeine, wouldn't you agree?

Marble powder brush

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9. A Majestic Unicorn Ring Holder

Price: $25

Money you pocket: $11.30

Unicorns should always trump your need for coffee. So give up that Starbs for a week and purchase this too-cute-for-words ring holder, okay?

Unicorn ring holder

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If you're as big of a coffee-lover as me, you should probably head on over HERE and learn how to make Starbucks' new coffee ice cubes at home.