Our Favorite Athleisure Sets for All Your At-Home Workouts

Since we're all stuck at home due to the coronavirus, our routines have had to endure some major changes.

Long gone are the days of sitting in a coffee shop reading your favorite book or meeting up with your BFFs for a night out. One of the weirdest changes for us has to be the whole workout situation. Gyms, pilates studios and spin classes were our go-to before quarantine, but that's long gone. These days, we're forced to stay home, meaning our workouts are at home, too. Just because we can't stick to our normal routine, doesn't mean we're going to lag when it comes to staying in shape. One way we motivate ourselves is by wearing cute clothes!

Keep scrolling for the cutest athleisure sets to wear for all your at-home workouts:

Beach Riot Black Leopard Kenzie Top and Bike Short: $84 and $88

You can never go wrong when it comes to a black workout set because it's slimming and complements everyone's figure! Since we know you probably already have a million black sports bras and leggings, we found one with a little bit of pizazz from Beach Riot. This set features subtle leopard detailing, aka, we're in love.

athleisure set

(via Beach Riot)


Onzie Sustainable Soul Graphic Hero Bra and Leggings: $50 and $79

When it comes to Onzie, this is a brand we'll always be obsessed with. Their clothes fit perfectly and are cute enough to post on Instagram. We were especially drawn to this set, which features beautiful graphics and an abstract print. We love the color scheme for the spring and summer months!

athleisure set

(via Onzie)


Alo Yoga Cargo Legging and Wild Thing Bra Set: $200 

While Alo is on the pricier side, it's well worth it. Their clothes are made with the finest of materials and with special care. We were instantly attracted to this stunning set in bone due to the fabulous color and interesting structure. The cinching on the sports bra has to be our favorite part.

athleisure set

(via Alo Yoga)


Strut This Cosmo Bra and Kendall Ankle: $73 and $84

If you're anything like us and need motivation to work out, this cute little set from Strut This will do the trick. After all, who wouldn't want to get their sweat on when they're wearing something this adorable? We love the detailing on the back of the bra as well as the cool hue.

athleisure set

(via Strut This)


Familiar Yet Different… Pastel Stripes Sports Bra and Leggings: $35 and $65

We love pastel colors, especially during the warmer months, so when we saw this fun set by Familiar Yet Different…, we knew we needed to get our hands on it. The pastels are mixed in with white and it seamlessly blends together. We plan on wearing this baby nonstop!

athleisure set

(via Familiar Yet Different)


Goldsheep Neon Pink Cheetah Bralette and Biker Shorts: $60 and $65

Goldsheep is one of our go-to brands when it comes to fun prints. Since we'll always love a cheetah moment, this set had our names written all over it. The vibrant pink shade gives the set a bold vibe, and the structure of the biker shorts makes us want to hop on a bike ASAP.

athleisure set

(via Goldsheep)


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