These Bags and Purses Would Be SO Cute for Coachella and Are Under $100!

If you plan on attending Coachella this year, we're willing to bet you want to look amazing.

And when it comes to your outfit each day, your accessories are just as important! If you're looking for something to make your outfit pop or simply want something to store your belongings in a cute bag, you've come to the right place. Keep scrolling to get a look at the bags and purses we think would be super cute for Coachella in 2022 (and are under $100!).

Fiorucci Angels Transparent Pouch: $95

There's just something about Fiorucci and the angels they always put on their products! They're adorable and we love how they're placed on this transparent pouch. The drawstrings make it nearly impossible for anyone to try to pickpocket you (which is a big problem at the festival grounds). We also love that you can see exactly what's inside! Just be sure to keep it cute with things like a bandana, lip gloss, wallet and your phone.


(via Revolve)


Free People Bon Bon Mini Crossbody: $68

The moment we laid eyes on this bag we knew it was destined to be worn at Coachella. The crossbody style is perfect for keeping your belongings in reach. Plus, it isn't bulky and won't overwhelm your outfit. Our favorite part has to be the beaded handle. It features all sorts of colors, meaning it will most likely look great with any outfit.


(via Free People)


Nasty Gal Faux Leather Fanny Pack: $26 (on sale for $13!)

When in doubt, we think a fanny pack is the way to go at Coachella. Again, this bag is easy to keep in your sights and out of reach of pickpocketers. Plus, the faux black leather is so timeless and will look good with whatever you decide to wear. The gold hardware is simple but gives the bag a touch of chicness.


(via Nasty Gal)


Princess Polly Peta & Jain Nylon Bag: $50

This bag from Princess Polly is giving us all the Prada vibes, but at a fraction of the price! If you're not comfortable bringing something designer to Coachella (which we totally get), we think this dupe is just as good. With an adorable silver chain and nylon straps, this bad boy will not only make your outfits pop, but it's nice and spacious, too!


(via Princess Polly)


Missguided Pink Weave Quilted Bag: $43

We're huge suckers for pink here at Sweety High, and this bag from Missguided is calling our names! Available in a multitude of colors, the bag in hot pink one is definitely our fave. It would be such a fun addition to any fashion statement. Trust us, you'll get all of the compliments if you wear this to Coachella.


(via Missguided)


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