These Cute Boys And Adorable Dogs Are Here To Make Your Day!

Sometimes bad days just happen to good people and that's why you need something to bring a smile to your face. We've got you covered! Cute boys generally fix the problem and so do cute animals, but combining the two opens up a whole new world of happiness. Take your day from 0 to 100 real quick by checking out the hottest boys with some adorable pups.

The boys on Teen Wolf (and Holland Roden) are too hot to handle hanging out with Arden Cho's puppy.


Ashton Irwin + one lucky dog = PRICELESS!


We can't help but smile at this pic of the One Direction boys with puppies.


We love everything about this photo of Ian Somerhalder and his pooch.


How precious is Justin Bieber's furry little friend?


The perfection that is Cameron Dallas and Jaxx just can't be real.


This photo of Shawn Mendes and Jiff the Pomeranian melts our hearts.


Can we talk about the overload of adorableness that is Austin North and his dog?


Josh Hutcherson looks so sweet cuddling with his pooch.


Which photo of a boy and his dog brought the biggest smile to your face? Tell us in the comments down below.