The 6 Cutest Celebrity Couple Moments From 2019

In terms of the top celeb couple moments from 2019, we were graced with a variety of breakups, hookups and moments that left us thinking, What the heck?

However, we like to stay positive—and this year, there were so many cute couples, solidifying our belief in true love. From new pairs getting together, to some tying the knot, there are honestly too many to name!

Keep reading for six of the cutest celebrity couple moments from 2019:


1. When Shawn Mendes Posted a Video of Him and Camila Cabello Making Out on Instagram

If you've seen the video, you know just how awkward it is. But, in the grand scheme of things, how cute is it that they revealed their relationship status officially to the world with a kissing video? We know, they look like fish sucking on each other during some moments, but all in all, they're joking around and having fun with one another. In the end, that's all that matters, right?

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2. When Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Bieber Tied the Knot

The paparazzi were going wild on the day of Justin and Hailey's wedding. It was so secluded and private that hardly any photos were leaked. When we were finally graced with the professional photos, however, our hearts melted. Not only are they one attractive-looking couple, but they look so happy and in love with one another, too. Sure, we'll always miss the days of Jelena, but what Justin and Hailey have is far more real than even we'll ever begin to understand.

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3. When Wells Adams Proposed to Sarah Hyland

BRB, we're balling our eyes out. Seriously, someone pass the tissues! This is quite possibly the cutest video we've ever seen, so props to Wells for making that happen. If you've followed the adorable couple's journey together over the years, you know just how hilarious and in love they are. We dig that they were secluded away from everyone else when the proposal went down. These days, people create a huge spectacle, but Wells kept it simple, just how Sarah wanted it.

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4. When Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Had a Secret Wedding in Vegas

Well, it was supposed to be a secret… that is until Diplo live-streamed it on his Instagram feed! Joe and Sophie are major couple goals because they're all about connecting with each other and not taking life too seriously. With a fandom from both The Jonas Brothers and Game of Thrones, the couple is no stranger to being in the spotlight. We think that's why they opted for a casual, secretive wedding in Las Vegas. It sure does look like they had a blast! Don't worry, they plan on having a real wedding soon. Bonus: when Joe dressed up as Sansa (Sophie's character on GOT) and left us all rolling on the floor laughing.

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5. When Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson Were Caught Smooching at the U.S. Open

These two don't shy away from the spotlight when they're together. Cara and Ashley are so in love that they don't care who knows! We were especially overwhelmed with cuteness when they were at the U.S. Open. Throughout the day, they kept on stealing kisses, hugs and whispering secrets to one another. Honestly, we're a bit jealous of how their PDA is so sweet. Most people can't pull it off, but they make it look classy and adorable.

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6. When Gaten Matarazzo took his GF, Lizzy Yu, to Junior Prom

Ah, young love. Our fave Stranger Things cast member, Gaten Matarazzo, took his longtime girlfriend to junior prom. Most stars these days don't have the luxury of doing "normal" high school activities, like going to a dance. We love that he found the time to treat Lizzy to a fun night full of laughter, love and memories that will last them a lifetime. And can we talk about how darling the last pic is? Swoon.


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