Ultra Cute AND Comfy Style Pieces to Add to Your Holiday Wish List

Since the start of the pandemic, we've really embraced comfortable fashion.

There are few things more important to us than feeling relaxed in what we're wearing—and lucky for us, plenty of brands are out there making pieces that look as good as they feel.

If you're in the same boat, keep reading to discover some of the best style pieces that are both cute and comfy that you need to add to your holiday wish list right this second.

Salone Monet Window Sweater ($95) and Window Short ($75)

Salone Monet is best known for being an inclusive nude shoe brand, with nude sandals and pumps matching six different skin tones, but they've also got an apparel line, and we are obsessed. Their Window Sweater and Window Short are both made with 100% suede cotton and come in oatmeal as well as charcoal shades, while also featuring a cut-out "window" that makes them different from anything in your wardrobe. The sweater is also cropped, and pairs perfectly with the high-waisted shorts—or your favorite low-rise bottoms to show a little skin.

Salone Monet Window Sweater Shirt

(via Salone Monet)


Jambys ($35) and House Hoodie ($79)

The folks at Jambys refer to their apparel as "performance inactivewear," and we couldn't love the title more. Made with a blend of modal and spandex, their fabrics are cushy, stretchy and absurdly soft, and all of their products are unisex and come in a host of fun and vibrant colors and patterns. Our favorites have to be their classic Jambys boxer shorts (with pockets) and their so-comfy-you'll-want-to-sleep-in-it House Hoodie.

Jambys shorts and house hoodie

(via Jambys)


Cupshe Sweet Dreams Drawstring Decor Crop Hoodie ($36) and Rosewood Green Elastic Waisted Carrot Sweatpants ($46)

Cupshe is one of our go-to brands for the most stylish athleisure and swim pieces, and we can't get enough of some of their recent offerings. We especially love this cotton Sweet Dreams Drawstring Decor Crop Hoodie, with its deep-V and fitted waist. Pair it with the polyester Rosewood Green Elastic Wasted Carrot Sweatpants for a distinctive look that's casual yet flirty.

Cuupshe drawstring pants and crop hoodie

(via Cupshe)


Layered With Lace Bralette Subscription: $18 per month

If you're anything like us, working and schooling from home means your bras have been a bit neglected lately—and for good reason. Why wear an uncomfy bra when you'll literally be interacting with zero people during the day? Bralettes are the way to go, and Layered With Lace is a monthly subscription service that sends a ridiculously cute bralette to your door every month for just $18. The styles rotate monthly, so you'll have something stylish and confidence-boosting to look forward to every month.

Layered With Lace Bralette

 (via Layered With Lace)


Kerisma Ally Top: $88

'Tis the season of ridiculously comfy sweaters, and we don't know if there's one cozier than this Kerisma Ally Top. Made from a blend of angora, polyester, nylon and viscose, this knitted oversized sweater is so soft and comes in black and ecru or grey and black shades. But best of all, we love the sweater's message: "Diversity is beautiful." The abstract art has to be one of our favorite sweater designs of all time.

Kerisma Ally Top

(via Kerisma)


Daily Drills Terry Oversized Crew in Butter ($96) and Light Yellow Joggers ($125)

Daily Drills is a new fashion brand that's all about bridging the gap between athleisure and business wear, and if you ask us, they're winning the game. They make pieces that can be worn for working out, lounging or a hot night on the town, and we can speak from experience when we say their items are as comfy as they are fashionable. We're huge fans of their Terry Oversized Crew in a luscious buttery yellow—especially because of the fabulous texture—and pair it with the mismatched Light Yellow Joggers, which are high-waisted and oversized, for a carefree yet sophisticated look.

Daily drills oversized crew butter yellow joggers

(via Daily Drills)


Kizik Madrid Eco-Knit Slip-On Sneakers: $99

When it comes to the ultimate comfy sneakers, we value feel, look and convenience, and Kizik's Madrid Eco-Knit Slip-On Sneakers do it all. First of all, is the feel. Based on our own experience with the brand, there'zero break-in time. You can just slip them on and get on with your day, and these feel great on your feet. Secondly, their classic, simple designs make them very versatile. But our very favorite feature has to be that they're hands-free. That's right—they're designed with a sturdy back so you can just step into the shoe and get them right on, without having to bend down or deal with shoelaces ever. When you're in a rush, you'll want to have these babies on hand.

Kizik Black and White madrid snaker

(via Amazon)


Kindly Yours Full-Coverage T-Shirt Bra ($13.87) and Micro Hipster Panties 3-Pack ($12.97)

If you're on the lookout for undergarments that are the full trifecta—comfortable, cute and totally affordable—look no further than Kindly, a plant-based, sustainable bra and panty company with products available at incredible prices at Walmart. Their super-soft wireless bra provides coverage without any discomfort, and their seamless undies are made with buttery recycled fabric in the cutest colors and patterns.

Kindly T-shirt bra micro hipster

(via Walmart)


Dr. Motion Llama Knee-High Compression Socks: $10

The ultimate comfy outfit—especially in the chilly winter months—needs super cozy socks, and Dr. Motion has you covered. Their mild compression socks are designed to be comfy enough to wear all day, while also giving wearers benefits including enhanced performance, and they also boast bold and creative designs, like these precious llamas.

Dr. Motion llama compression socks

(via Dr. Motion)


Tella Couture 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' Matching Plush Bathrobes: $39 (pet robe) and $59 (human robe)

Love your pet as much as you love yourself? Tella Couture is a brand specializing in matching outfits for animal parents and their pets, and nothing could be cuter—or more luxurious. We especially love their "Breakfast at Tiffany's" matching plush bathrobes, made of the softest pink material. They even have hoods.

Tella Couture breakfast at tiffany robes

(via Tella Couture)

P.S. You have to see our pup Hilda in her own bathrobe—too precious.

Hilda wearing Tella couture robe


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