6 Dangly Earrings Everyone Needs in Their Jewelry Collection

When it comes to accessorizing any outfit, we love to start with jewelry.

With so many options out there to choose from, it can become pretty overwhelming. How do you differentiate between high and low quality? What pieces are worth investing in? For us, we'd rather have fewer, high-quality pieces, then an abundance of cheap ones. We love dressing up our ears, especially, so we scoured our favorite jewelry designers, just for you.

Keep reading for six dangly earrings everyone needs in their jewelry collection:

1. Luv AJ Aphrodite Huggies: $55

We never would've thought of pairing these adorable droopy huggies on the same ear, but it's safe to say we're obsessed with the look. This particular pair from Luv AJ (aka one of our fave jewelry brands) is the perfect shade of gold, and would even look great with other mixed metals. We're definitely adding these cuties to our shopping carts.

cute dangly earrings

(via Luv AJ)


2. Lulu Dharma Wishbone Charm With Turquoise Pave Crystals: $58

A wishbone as an earring? Sounds weird, right? But oddly enough, it looks absolutely incredible. We love the turquoise addition, especially for spring (baby blue is the color of the season). These dangly earrings are the perfect pop of color for when your hair is pulled back, and we love how it looks with the sterling silver.

cute dangly earrings

(via Lulu Dharma)


3. Gorjana Lou Link Huggies: $60

On any given day, it's pretty much guaranteed we're wearing at least one piece of jewelry from Gorjana. It's an affordable, trendy brand that releases stunning items in various styles and metals. Our eyes were instantly drawn to this stunning pair. The top of it has an oval hoop shape, while a small chain link dangles from the end.

cute dangly earrings

(via Gorjana)


4. Sterling Forever Safari Dangle Earrings in Snake: $48

We're not getting over snakeskin print any time soon, so when we saw these fierce earrings from Sterling Forever, we knew we needed to get our hands on them. The gorgeous, venomous print is encased by 14k gold plated brass, making for an incredible color palette. We think they'd look incredible with a monochromatic outfit.

cute dangly earrings

(via Sterling Forever)


5. Maison Miru Falling Star Crystal Hoops: $89

If you don't have any hoops in your earring collection, it's time to amend that. Not only do you need hoops in every size and color, but you need some droopy ones, too! We're living for this pair from Maison Miru. Featuring dainty crystals and a hoop hanging from the end, we plan on rocking these bad boys all year 'round.

cute dangly earrings

(via Maison Miru)


6. Zaxie Forever Fierce Tiger Fringe Earrings: $48

We didn't know how into tigers we were until we found this bold pair of earrings from Zaxie. It's pretty safe to say we need these to be dangling from our ears… like yesterday. The unexpected yet delicate tiger head detail is so fun, and we especially love how chains dangle from its mouth. These ferocious accessories will elevate any outfit.

cute dangly earrings

(via Zaxie)


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