9 Cute Hairstyles You Can Wear to the Pool

Who else is so ready for long, hot days by the pool?

We're all about easy, effortless summer hairstyles that look pulled together and cool. After all, who wants to worry about their mane when they're working on that tan or smitten over the new lifeguard?

Below, nine adorable 'dos to keep your tresses in check all season long.



French Braids

A no-fail pool hairstyle is always cute lil Frenchies. They're not super complicated to create (if you can't braid, grab a friend!), and they keep your hair in place no matter what the day brings. It's nice to know that your hair will stay in place whether you cannonball off the diving board or decide to chicken fight with your pals. Plus, once your hair dries you'll have really pretty waves.


Fishtail braids can be so pretty and boho, but the kind you rock poolside should be more tight and neat. Sadly, boho looks don't fair as well when you take a dip—but if you don't plan on diving in, you can go for a looser version of this look.

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Large Cornrows

If you've surpassed French braids, then large cornrows might be your thing. They are basically smaller versions of a French braid, but can be much more challenging to create on yourself. If your braid skills are fly, try dividing your hair into 4-5 vertical sections and braid the whole way down to the nape of the neck and then down to the end of the braid.

Crown Braids

A braid fit for a princess! Crown braids go the entire way around the head and look really chic and fun. They're also way more interesting than French braids!

Braid Bun

For a cool way to keep your strands at bay, a braid bun will do the trick. It looks dainty and feminine and will look super stylish paired with your girly swimsuit.

Scarf Wrap

If you want to set it and forget it, go for a scarf wrap. This is a pretty way to cover up your hair and protect it from the sun and surf. This is a great option if you have super frizzy hair, or have mega color-treated hair that fades easily in the sun. There are a few ways to rock the scarf look, too: either fully covering the head, just tying around the top, or tying into a headband.

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Effortless Low Bun

If you're solely at the pool to hang with friends, work on your tan and take a waist-down dip in the pool, then an easy, effortless low bun is one of our fave hairstyles. It requires little effort and looks so beachy.

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Dad Hats

If you're in the mood to be super low key, grab your dad hat and go. These soft top caps are super on trend and hide even the craziest of hair days.

Half Up

Another lazy girl look with serious style, this basic half up look will be given added intrigue with a loop or a bun.


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