These Cute Rings for Teens Are All Under $100

Rings have quickly become our favorite way to accessorize any look.

Not only are there infinite style options, from metallics to beautiful colors, delicate to chunky and ornate to simple, but 10 fingers give us 10 places to wear them—and that's not even to mention the stacking potential! If you're looking for some adorable new rings to add to your collection, these awesome options for teens are all under $100.

Priscilla Ma R 1204 – Gold Filled: $42

We love accessories that manage to be dainty yet detailed all at once, and this rose-shaped wire ring from Priscilla Ma is definitely both. The coiled ring makes for a surprisingly adorable rose, catching attention without being too in-your-face.

Priscilla Ma R 1204 ring

(via Priscilla Ma)


Rightly Royce Aspen Custom Ring: $46+

Looking for something custom on a budget? This adorable ring from Rightly Royce has your name written all over it—literally. When you're placing your order, you can have up to eight characters of custom text engraved right into the plate on the ring, and we think the result is adorable.

Rightly Royce Aspen Custom Ring

(via Rightly Royce)


gorjana Amara Ring Set: $55

If you like showing off a little bit of bling, but don't enjoy looks that are too pristine and "perfect," you have to love the asymmetry of this three-ring set from gorjana. The cubic zirconia crystals are offset in an organic-looking pattern, and the fact they're all different makes them amazing for matching and stacking.

gorjana Amara ring set

(via gorjana)


Simple & Dainty Thick Flower Band Ring: $63

While some flower rings are extra thin and delicate, we love that this one from Simply & Dainty has a thicker band with flower embellishments and details. It's sturdier, yet still feminine, and we love the way it looks with thinner rings.

simple and dainty thick flower band ring

(via Simple & Dainty)


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Abbott Atelier Baroque Pearl Ring – Helen: $24.99

Pearl details are so in right now, and we're digging this Baroque Pearl Ring from Abbott Atelier. The wraparound shape is so pretty while also being unusual, and the small cubic zirconia accents add a ton of interest without drawing focus away from the pearl.

Abbott Aterlier baroque pearl ring

(via Abbott Atelier)


Little Rooms Moon Phase Ring: $55

We're more than just a little bit obsessed with the moon, so we adore this Moon Phase Ring from Little Rooms. From the new moon to the full moon and all the way back, it represents the cycles we all go through with cute black details and cutouts, reminding us all to seize the good moments and let the bad ones pass.

Little Rooms moon phase ring

(via Little Rooms)


oomiay Dragon: $49

If you're all about elegant rings, we love this Dragon piece from oomiay. Not only are the crystals super chic and sophisticated, but this open ring has an unusual shape that's powerful and eye-catching all at once.

Gemandi dragon ring

(via oomiay)


Enso Classic Thing Silicone Ring: $29.99

While most rings are made from metal, they definitely don't have to be! Whether you have sensitive skin or are just looking for something different, Enso's silicone rings offer a great option that looks totally classic while being so light you'll forget they're there. This rose gold option looks like metal, but it is so much comfier.

Enso elements rhin silicone ring rose gold

(via Enso)


Kris Nations Mood Ring: $68

While the phrase "mood ring" might call to mind images of color-changing gems from the '90s, Kris Nations' ring takes a more modern approach. The ring is made of interlocked cartoon faces–half smiling, half frowning—to reflect your mood and look cute, no matter how you wear it.

Kris Nations Mood Ring

(via Kris Nations)


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Edge of Ember Wave Lilac Stacker Ring: $85

Who says metal rings have to come in classic metal colors? We can't get enough of Edge of Ember's colorful wave stacker rings because of the pop of color they add, and this one in lilac definitely has our hearts.

Edge of Amber wave lilac stacker ring

(via Edge of Ember)


Thryfty Rose Ring: $42

If you love big, bold jewelry, you can't do much better than this Rose Ring from Thryfty. Not only is the chunky shape super striking, but it gives the ring enough room for the most gorgeous embossed rose, as well as the words "Have a nice day!" on the side, which is sure to leave a smile on your face.

Thryfty Rose Ring

(via Thryfty)


Hello Adorn Raye Ring: $46

This Raye Ring from Hello Adorn is another delicate piece we can't take our eyes off of. From the wire detail to the rainbow shape, every aspect of it is beautiful, and we're big fans of the little ring loops below the rainbow, too.

Hello Adorn raye ring

(via Hello Adorn)


Blessed Be Magick Triple Goddess Mini Signet Ring: $49

Yep—this is the second moon-inspired ring on this list, but we won't apologize for it! We love the lovely signet shape of the ring, as well as the insignia representing waxing, full and waning phases of the moon—which in turn symbolizes coming of age as a woman.

Blessed Be Magick triple foddess mini signet ring

(via Blessed Be Magick)


GLDN Constellation Ring: $70

These amazing Constellation Rings from GLDN don't just feature random constellations. They actually come in 12 different styles, each one featuring the constellation representing the zodiac signs. That gives you the option to wear your sign's stars, subtly rock your crush's or just put on the one you think is cutest.

GLDN constellation ring

(via GLDN)


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Pura Vida Spring Fling Ring Stack: $34

Here's another chance to add some much-needed color to your ring collection. This Spring Fling Stack from Pura Vida includes five enamel bands in warm colors to brighten up your ring stack. You can wear them all at once, or swap colors to match your mood.

Pura vida spring fling ring stack

(via Pura Vida)


Atolea Jewelry Stainless Steel Octopus Ring: $26.99

If you're on the lookout for an unusually shaped ring, you can't do much better than this Stainless Steel Octopus Ring from Atolea Jewelry. We love those swirling octopus tentacles, and the fact that this one is also ocean-proof is fantastically on-theme.

Atolea Jewelry stainless steel octopus ring

(via Atolea Jewelry)


Wear Felicity French Bull Dog Wrap Ring: $19.95 

Is there anything cuter than a ring shaped like a precious pup? These ones from Wear Felicity look like Frenchies holding on for their dear life on your fingers, and we can't get enough of their look. And if French bulldogs aren't your thing, the brand also features other dogs as well as cats and a lot of other sweet animals.

Wear Felicity french bull dog wrap ring

(via Wear Felicity)


Karma and Luck Fiery Glance – Gold Green Enamel Evil Eye Ring: $69

What's better than a fashionable ring? One that also features an evil eye, which is said to protect the wearer, and cast bad luck on anyone who wishes bad things upon the wearer. We don't know about all of that, but the green evil eye is unusual while looking totally fabulous.

Karma and Luck fiery glance evil eye ring

(via Karma and Luck)


Emerson & Oliver Mixed Metal Dia Rings: $32

Emerson & Oliver's Dia Rings are truly unique, and we can't get enough of them. They're made from lightweight stainless steel coils that somehow take on a stretchy, almost fabric-like texture when you wear them, making them strangely comfy—and also great for using as a fidget toy, of sorts. They're available in both cool and warm color sets, but we loved the Mixed Metal set most, combining gold, rose gold, silver, stainless steel and black colors for an eye-catching mix.

Emerson & Oliver Dia Mixed Metal Rings

(via Emerson & Oliver)


AMYO Bead Chain Ring: $26

Here's another fabulous ring for fidgeters everywhere. This Bead Chain Ring from AMYO looks stunning with its small gold-colored beads, which are sure to feel amazing rolling over your fingers. Even better, the beaded texture makes this ring way less likely to slip off. Sounds like a win-win, to us.

EMYO bead chain ring

(via AMYO)


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Rat Betty Tiny Heart Band Ring: $58

Not into heart jewelry? This bold Tiny Heart Band Ring from Rat Betty just might get you to change your mind. Instead of a cutesy heart shape, this sterling silver ring is adorned with the shape of a more anatomically correct human heart. It's subtly edgy and adorable all at once.

Rat Betty Tiny Heart Band Ring

(via Rat Betty)


Coeur de Lion Stainless Steel Silver & Crystals Pavé Multicolor: $75

And if you love crystals and color, we can't recommend this cute ring from Coeur de Lion enough. It has a stainless steel band embedded with tiny sparkling crystals in every color of the rainbow against a black setting to really make the colors pop.

Coeur de Lion stainless steel pave multicolor

(via Coeur de Lion)


Nyrelle Solar Ring: $65

Looking for a ring in a truly unique shape? This Solar Ring from Nyrelle will have you swooning. It looks almost like a crown, with its rounded beads stacked in pyramids around the circumference—and bonus points for coming in rose gold.

Nyrelle Solar Ring

(via Nyrelle)


Adornmonde Helios Organic Ring: $92

Love chunky rings with sleek, organic curves? Then you'll love this one from Adornmonde. It's sweet and simple, but has a unique edge, and a timeless look that means you'll be able to pair it with all of your favorite gold accessories season after season.

Adornmonde Helios organic ring

(via Adornmonde)


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Jordan Road Sloane Ring: $40

On the hunt for a big, bold statement ring? This Sloane Ring from Jordan Road is eye-catching in its gold color, with an organic shape that almost resembles a clutched hand. It's just the thing if you prefer to wear one big piece to draw in all of the attention.

Jordan Road Sloane Ring

(via Jordan Road)


Mountain & Moon ROWI Ring: $89

Now, here's a ring for anyone who considers themself the star of the show. With its uniquely faceted turquoise stone and gold lion, Mountain & Moon's ROWI Ring has a striking, fierce look that's sure to make you the queen of the jungle, and it looks even sweeter layered with daintier rings to really make it stand out.

Mountain and moon ROWI ring

(via Mountain & Moon)


BLDXMonique 'She Is Resilient' Ring: $46

What's the point of jewelry if it doesn't make you feel like your most fabulous, most confident self? We love the "She Is Resilient" ring from BLDXMonique for its sleek simplicity and the empowering message engraved on its side in pretty cursive. Wear it to be extra mindful of your own resilience and remember just how strong you truly are.

monique rochelle she is resillient ring

(via BLDXMonique)


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