Cute Room Decoration Ideas To Help Spice Up Your Living Space

So all morning, we've been looking up room decoration ideas that will help give your room a little face lift! I mean, it's your room, so you've got to make it your own!

Here's our top 3 best tips on must haves for your space:

1. Bold colors. Pinks, blues, and purples are totally in! If you want to go with a floral theme, add some flower themed curtains and pillows. Mis-match is way awesome, so even throw in some orange with that pink and blue!

2. If your not all into the crazy color theme and like to keep things simple, try a classic theme. Pink, black, and white prints ALWAYS make for a cute room and of course an awesome hang out for you and the besties. Wall stickers are also in! At Target, for 12.50, you could get a stick on quote such as "live, laugh, love, dance" that looks like you painted it yourself!

3. Stuck with hardwood floor instead of carpet? Check out this next design that turned hardwood blah into super cool! Ikea has super cute simple multicolor  rugs for $50 that when added to your space, brings so much life to that dull room!  We also love the square chairs put at the end of the bed! It's a perfect hang out for you and a friend to kick back, read a magazine, and try out some of the latest make up trends!