10 Flirty Texts to Send Your Crush on Christmas

All you want for Christmas this year is a text from your crush, but sometimes they may need a little helpful nudge.

Figuring out how to get flirty for the holidays? Below are some festive texts—and their importance—that are sure to get the message across!

'Was Santa good to you this year?'

This is the perfect text to send your crush for a fun response back. It prompts for an answer, which then leads to an entire conversation about what your favorite presents were. And then, you have the perfect conversation starter for when you get back from break by asking, "How is that gift treating you?"

Santa hands with phone

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'I'll tell you my Christmas wish if you tell me yours.'

Christmas wishes are special, and even though it's a standard rule of thumb not to share your wishes, your crush can be an exception. This is the perfect flirty text to get your crush thinking. The response from them may reveal how they truly feel about you.


'Santa called and asked me if you were good this year. I told him you were. Did you get everything you wanted?'

This text is funny and cute and a great way to show your crush your personality while prompting a response. Hopefully, they'll play along with the joke, which will lead to a very fun text exchange.


'Rate my elfie.'

Just because it's the holidays doesn't mean you can't be sending sizzling selfies to your crush—and you can make them even more festive and fun with the addition of an elf or Santa hat. If all goes well, they may give you a 10 (or more) out of 10.


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'I asked Santa to put you under my tree this morning. Where are you?'

This one takes courage, but if you're feeling sassy, own it. It's an adorable and flirty way to tell your crush you want them for Christmas.

Christmas tree with lights and fire place

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'Here's the mistletoe. What's your schedule look like?'

If you wish your crush would meet you under the mistletoe, it might just be that they need an invite. Take a photo and let them name the time, and a holiday kiss might be right around the corner.


'You must be Rudolph, because just thinking of you makes my day brighter!"

Sometimes cute and cheesy go hand-in-hand. But honestly, how could this text not make your crush smile? It will surely make their heart grow three sizes!

Rudolph with his crush

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'I just hope you have yourself a merry little Christmas.'

If you want to let your crush know you're thinking about them, but aren't ready for any grand gestures, a simple merry Christmas message is just the thing. It's short and sweet, and may lead to something greater, depending on their own interest.


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'I didn't quite get everything on my wish list…'

For a message that's slyly flirty and puts the ball in their court, you can always imply that you didn't get everything on your holiday wish list—namely, your crush. As they pry, you can decide how much you do and don't want to reveal about your feelings for them.


'All I want for Christmas is you.'

Is it time to finally come out and confess all of your biggest holiday feels to your crush? The classic Mariah Carey lyric might just be the way to do it and let them know you care about them—and if anything goes wrong, you can just pretend you were singing along to the track.


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