These Counter-Worthy Beauty Brands Have THE Best Aesthetics

We're not too proud to admit that when it comes to trying new beauty products, stunning packaging can play a big part in what catches our eyes first.

When we're investigating new skincare or makeup products, a brand's aesthetic can make the difference between an item getting passed by or picked up for deeper investigation. While it's far from our only consideration when we're trying new beauty products, it certainly doesn't hurt when something will look cute on our counters and shelves, and make our skin glow like never before. Want to know what we're loving? Just keep scrolling to see it all.


Bubble is a beauty brand developed specifically for young skin, targeting skin ailments with natural ingredients in inexpensive formulas. We also adore the branding, with its striking complementary color schemes and appealing, rounded shapes.

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Truly Beauty is a clean, vegan beauty brand designed with innovative, top-of-the-line ingredients, and while all of their packaging is top-notch, their aesthetic really shines when they show off the inherent beauty of their whipped body butters, polishes and masks. They come in clear jars, flaunting the flawless swirls of the colorful products inside, and we can rarely resist buying a product (or three) anytime we see one.

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The look and feel of Kiramoon products are as important to the brand's design philosophy as the products themselves, and it shows. They think of beauty routines as a form of self-care, with an emphasis on mental health, and their pink, red and purple scheme always makes us think of love and puts a smile on our faces (which are glowing thanks to their products, by the way).

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Karuna is a brand built around simple, accessible and affordable remedies to skin ailments including allergies, rashes and eczema, with color-coded lines built around different skin needs. Whether you stick to their orange Maintain, purple Boost or green Correct lines or mix and match them, your products will look so color-coordinated and pretty on the counter as you work your way toward healthy skin.

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Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals is another great vegan brand utilizing safe, natural and highly effective plant-based ingredients in their vibrant and rejuvenating skincare products—and we especially love their irresistible look. Their natural formulas have the loveliest colors that look so amazing in their glass bottles and you'll definitely want to keep them on display.



Somebody is a brand utilizing effective raw ingredients for beauty as well as wellness, and their nourishing skincare products are some of our favorites. They've also got a bold look, with different lines utilizing unique color schemes and patterns. We love their everyday basics, combining pink and royal blue, plus unusual line art, on their packaging.

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As the name implies, RAF FIVE has only five items in its line, with each one specially formulated to play a different role in combatting acne. That means that not only is each item highly specific and specialized, but so is its packaging. The products are red, orange, blue, purple and aqua respectively, and they look so good together.

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Yep, sheet masks can have gorgeous packaging, too. LOOPS is a lifestyle brand as much as it is a beauty brand, with easy-to-wear masks made for specific skin needs, and we also can't resist the colorful packaging of each type of mask—and especially the holographic variety box.

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Unicorn Glow

It should come as no surprise that a brand called Unicorn Glow has its aesthetic nailed down. We're obsessed with the neon pink color scheme of the brand's newer products and the dusty pink pastels and shimmery holographic look of their classic ones. Together, they create something worthy of the name.


Clean Age

Clean Age is a clean brand focusing on natural deodorants, hand sanitizers and toothpastes, with a crisp yet classic look that's all their own. From the retro vibes of their unscented products to the bright representations of the scents on their deodorant tubes, we love the way the art reflects the great stuff that's inside.

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Pursuit Beauty

Last, but certainly not least, is Pursuit Beauty, a brand on a mission to make it effortless to protect our skin from the sun during our greatest outdoor adventures. Their line is relatively small, with just eight products, but we love the consistency of their morning and night products, with an ombre effect resembling a sunset over the ocean, as well as the bright yellow, green and blue of their on-the-go items.


Fourth Ray

Fourth Ray Beauty is a sister brand to ColourPop, developed with both great formulations and playfulness in mind to create products that look adorable while making your skin look better than it ever has. Their products are vegan, affordable and effective, and no matter which ones you're using, they're going to look perfectly curated for your next shelfie.


itk Skincare

itk Skincare is a new brand co-created by YouTube sensations Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight, with a line consisting of affordable products using the most innovative and cutting-edge ingredients to deliver products that really work. Each item is made with the intention of helping customers understand and serve their own unique skincare needs, with stunning color-coded products to help you find just what you're looking for while beautifying your beauty counter.


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