These Christmas Donuts Are As Mouth-Watering As They Are Festive

Just because donuts aren't a holiday tradition doesn't mean they're not the perfect way to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year.

Don't believe us? We've collected some of the cutest and most festive decorated holiday donut images from around the world to prove it. Keep reading to find out why donuts might be the best holiday confection out there.

Glaze Donuts Santa Buckles and Wreaths

When it comes to the holidays, there's nothing quite like the festive pairing of red and green, and we love the way New Jersey-based brand Glaze Donuts brings them together in this bunch of donuts. The Santa buckles are so darling, and we love the way green sprinkles and a red bow add texture and a decorative touch to the wreath donuts.


Royal Donuts Frankfurt Snowmen and More

While many donuts waste their empty space in the center, this bold and cheery donut from Royal Donuts Frankfurt in Germany makes perfect use of them by filling them with critters and chocolates. The Kinder Happy Hippo is the perfect representation of "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" while the Ferrero Raffaello snow folks look nearly too cute to eat.


Doughnut Plant Vegan Holiday Shapes

These donuts in the shapes of Christmas trees, stars, a snowman and gingerbread man are so incredible-looking we can hardly believe the Brooklyn-based bakery is also gluten-free and vegan. We love the way you can see the donuts' delicious textures through the icing and wish we could taste the gingerbread donut ourselves.


Donut Country Christmas Donut Hole Cake

Why settle for just one donut when several dozen donut holes, arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree and decorated with festive frosting, will do? We love Donut Country in Rutherford County, Tennessee, and how they go big with their take on the Christmas donut—especially because it means everyone can share.


Cartems Donuts Holiday Gingerbread

Sometimes, simple sophistication is the best approach. This gorgeous donut from Michigan-based Cartems Donuts is a gingerbread cake donut complete with a molasses glaze, rum dark chocolate drizzle and a gingerbread cookie decoration. It manages to be festive and elegant, without the need for glitter or bold colors, and we're obsessed.


Five-O Donut Co. Jingle Jangle

Florida-based Five-O Donut Co. goes all out with their unique donuts, and that definitely includes their seasonal Jingle Jangle flavor. This chocolate donut makes the holidays bright by being topped with Trader Joe's famous holiday Jingle Jangle mix, consisting of caramel popcorn, chocolate-covered pretzels, mini peanut butter cups, chocolate-covered sandwich cookies and red candy-coated chocolate candies, with some Christmasy sprinkles thrown in for good measure.


Quatré Cafe & Donut Santa Snowmen and Reindeer

The Japanese donut shop, Quatre Café & Donut boasts some absolutely spectacular donut designs, but this holiday season, we can't get enough of these adorable snowmen and reindeer. We love the way coconut is used to make up the donut beards, and how the Santa hats are made with a strawberry slice with white chocolate for pom, and pretzels make for such fabulous antlers for the reindeer.


The Art of Donut Donut Wreath

The Art of Donut is based in San Antonio, Texas, and this year, we cannot stop staring at their Donut Wreath. While they're not the first shop we've ever seen do a donut wreath, this one is mega-sized and not just speckled with leafy texture, but actually molded with leaf-shaped grooves and holly berries. It looks spectacular and would make for an epic Christmas meal centerpiece.


Nana Sprinkles Bakeshop Holiday Gift Donuts

These incredible donuts from Nana Sprinkles Bakeshop in Ontario, Canada look so spectacular it's hard to believe they're real! We love the consistent theme of the blue backdrop of the Christmas sky unifying these nine donuts decorated with gifts, trees, Santa hats, reindeer and more. We bet they taste as good as they look!


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