These Adorable Mugs Will Make It Easier Than Ever to Stay Hydrated (and Caffeinated)

Is it just us, or does drinking a steaming hot beverage out of a favorite mug make it taste even better?

We're not ashamed to admit we're basically mug collectors at this point, but that's fine by us because it means we can sip out of a different adorable cup each day of the week (more like month). Having a great mug makes it easier than ever to stay hydrated as well as caffeinated, and if you're on the hunt for your new go-to, just keep scrolling for some of our favorite options.

Brümate Glitter Mermaid Toddy 16 oz.: $29.99

If you're searching for a great mug that combines form and function, let us introduce you to this Brümate Glitter Mermaid Toddy, with a vibrant lavender-to-teal ombre color and all the sparkle you could want in a practical insulated mug. It's designed to be 100% leakproof, keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, without making them taste like metal.

Brümate Glitter Mermaid Toddy 16 oz.

(via Brümate)


w&p Porter Mug: $30

Here's another sleek and stylish on-the-go mug. It's made from ceramic, making it extra durable, but it was a matte silicone sleeve to make it easy to grip and a splash-resistant press-fit lid made just for car rides. Unlike many other mugs of this style, it's not insulated, so if you're like us and actually prefer cooler coffee and teas, you'll also love the fact your drinks actually cool in transit within this mug.

w&p Porter Mug

(via w&p)


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Cupa Joe Coffee Mug: $23

We can't be the only ones who crack up every time we see this mug resembling a classic coffee pot. The 20 oz. mug holds plenty of liquid, but not quite as much as the actual pot, making it great for carrying around the office and surprising people.

Cupa Joe Coffee Mug

(via Blue Peppermint Boutique)



UNEEDE Benson The Duck Coffee Mug: $15.99+

We think the simplicity of this Benson The Duck Coffee Mug from UNEEDE is what makes it so undeniably sweet. It all starts with a classic white ceramic mug, but the two black eyes and protruding beak transform it into a simply adorable little duck.

UNEEDE Benson The Duck Coffee Mug

(via UNEEDE)


GDW Design Panda Ceramic Mug: $15

This super-cute mug is quite special because as you drink, a little friend hidden at the bottom of the cup is revealed. This ceramic mug, in particular, has a happy panda waiting at the bottom for you, but the site also has all kinds of other animals and characters to fall in love with.

GDW Design Panda Ceramic Mug

(via GDW Design)


Comfy Morning Animal Double Wall Mug: $19.99

While many mugs feature colorful decorations to bring different designs to life, this innovative option actually gets its appearance from whatever beverage you pour inside. The glass on the inside is shaped like a bear, complete with two cute rounded ears, and the black face print on the outside of the mug means the bear takes shape and color from your drink.

Comfy Morning Animal Double Wall Mug

(via Comfy Morning )


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Big Mouth Inc. The Donut Coffee Mug: $11.99

Since coffee and donuts make such a classic pairing, it only makes sense to create a mug shaped like a massive chocolate sprinkle donut. Its unusual shape means it holds less liquid than it might seem, but to us, it's worth the sacrifice.

Coffee and donuts are so good together, they should be their own food group. Until that happens (seriously FDA, are you not opening my letters?), use this donut-shaped mug to hold 12 ounces of lava-hot java.

Big Mouth Inc. The Donut Coffee Mug

(via Big Mouth Inc.)


World Market Mushroom Lidded Ceramic Mug: $8.99

This Mushroom Lidded Ceramic Mug from World Market is making all of our mushroomcore dreams come true. The rounded, ribbed mugs are cute enough on their own, but add the cute toadstool lids in green, yellow, red and brown, and they're seriously next-level. The lids also keep drinks hotter longer, so they also serve a super practical function.

World Market Mushroom Lidded Ceramic Mug

(via World Market)


blume Cloud Mug: $24

We've been seeing these blume Cloud Mugs all over TikTok, and for good reason. The limited-edition mugs look like pieces of modern art with their chunky swirls rings and oversized handles, and they also come in purple, white, pink and green options for every style (or collecting them all).

blume Cloud Mug

(via blume)


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Well Told Home Town Map Glass Coffee Mug: $19.95

Well Told is truly unlike any other mug company out there because you can get their glass coffee mugs engraved with maps of the places that mean the most in the world to you. Whether you want to drink out of a cup featuring your own town or your favorite spot in the world, with Well Told, you can do it with style.

Well Told Home Town Map Glass Coffee Mug

(via Well Told)


Estero Bay Sunflower Mug & Saucer Set: $25

Here's another viral mug we immediately needed in our lives. The Sunflower Mug & Saucer Set from Estero looks like the perfect tea party mug, complete with its own flurry cloud saucer, and they make everything you drink feel twice as fancy. They're also made from ceramic and come in yellow, blue or pink options.

Estero Bay Sunflower Mug & Saucer Set

(via Estero Bay Olive Oil)


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