The Cutest Denim Trends to Wear in 2023

While trends seem to change as frequently as the weather outside, some looks last a lifetime.

These outfit components find their way into becoming more than just trends, they become staples. In this case, we're here to discuss one such staple that you almost certainly own: denim. Jeans are so fundamental to our closets that we basically consider them a jumping off point for almost any outfit, but that's not to say that the closet must-have can't also see an occasional swing in trends. For example: the great "skinny jeans vs. mom jeans" debate of 2020, when many were mocking the millennial affinity for a style that the younger generation deemed outdated.

However, just as skinny jeans have proven themselves worthy of a place in all of our closets, denim can still go through ebbs and flows like other items that experience the effects of trends. But which denim trends should you be on the lookout for in 2023? No need to worry, as we've collected the top picks into one convenient list.

1. Wide-Leg Jeans

If you thought wide-leg jeans had seen the end of their heyday in 2022, think again. The "puddle jean" silhouette is back with a vengeance in 2023, but be sure to pick up a pair that doesn't trail the ground too far or else you might actually be left feeling like you've stepped in a few too many puddles each time you put them on.



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2. Cargo-Style

Y2K fashion hasn't seen itself out just yet, and that means that cargo pants still reign supreme in 2023. One look that you might have an easier time finding this year?Β DenimΒ cargo pants, which combine the convenience of ample pockets with the comfort of a wide leg for a total trend that we can't help but appreciate the functionality of.


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3. Split-Hem

If you've been anywhere near an Abercrombie ad lately (which you probably have, considering how the brand has managed to take hold of the re-branding game), you'll no doubt have noticed that split-hem jeans are having a moment right now. Featuring a splice at the bottom section of the jeans, this style adds just enough edge to stand apart from the crowd. They could also be called "vented" jeans, but either way, this denim trend is one we hope sticks around all year long.



4. Maxi Moments

If you thought that full-length denim skirts were done once you graduated from the strict dress-codes of your younger school years, think again. This Y2K-friendly style is taking over runways across the world, so it might be worth looking into adding one to your own denim collection for spring 2023.


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5. Two-Tone

And finally, two-tone jeans. Whether you get patchy or opt for a flattering vertical sectioned style, this denim trend allows to add some visual interest without distracting from any other major moments you've got going on with your look.



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