12 Stylish Green Accessories to Wear This St. Patrick's Day and Beyond

The arrival of March means that St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, and we don't know about you, but as we're planning out our festive green looks, we prefer to invest in things we can wear more than once a year.

The good thing is that green is in. Whether you prefer to rock vibrant neons or subtle jades and sages, you can't go wrong, and it's not all too hard to find the makeup or accessories to complement your ensemble (or to avoid getting pinched). If you want to make things really easy, just keep scrolling, because we've gathered all of our favorites of the year into one simple place for your shopping needs.

AOA Buttercream Gel Liner & Shadow: $1

Anyone can rock a bold green eye, but if you're a little hesitant about experimenting with the shade, St. Patrick's Day is the perfect time to test the waters—and with this Buttercream Gel Liner & Shadow from AOA, you can get amazing results for just a buck. The Pistachio tone is a rich, shimmery emerald green that'll last you all night long. It's also versatile, as you can use a fine-tip brush to apply as a sleek eyeliner or a flat brush for an all-over look.

AOA Buttercream Gel Liner & Shadow

(via Miss A)


BodyMark Green and Purple Faux Freckle Pen Set: $24.99

Faux freckles are also in, and for the holiday, we think there's nothing cuter than playful green freckles with a little help from the BodyMark Faux Freckle Pen. It uses cosmetic-quality ink that won't smear, so whether you want to paint on classic freckles or draw on hearts and shamrocks, it'll last until it's time to wash your face. The kit also comes with a purple freckle pen, perfect for adding additional color accents.

Bic BodyMark Green and Purple Faux Freckle Pen Set

(via BodyMark)


Aprés Nail March Gel Couleur Set: $69.99

We also think a multi-toned green mani is just the thing for celebrating St. Patrick, and green hues don't get any better than the ones in this March Gel Couleur Set from Aprés Nails. For the big day, we love the idea of painting each nail a different shade to include Aloe You Vera Much, Plantling, Sage Advice, Im-Pothos-ible and Sweet Cream on each hand, and each of the colors is pretty enough on its own for rocking during the spring and summer months.

Aprés Nail March Gel Couleur Set

(via Aprés Nail)


Ninfa Handmade Green Marble Ring: $49

There are few things better than a chunky statement ring, and this hand-made lampwork ring swirls white and green glass to evoke the natural beauty of a shamrock without even trying. Whether you wear it alone or paired with your other favorite rings, it'll be the center of everyone's attention.

Ninfa Handmade Green Marble Ring

(via Ninfa Handmade)


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Linjer Green Amethyst Gemstone Ring Doublet – Don't Look Back: $59

If you prefer to keep your look classic and subtle, this Don't Look Back ring from Linjer, featuring a green amethyst, will do the trick. The milky green stone is stunning, pairing with a delicate gold band for a hint of color that still feels perfect for the holiday.

Linjer Green Amethyst Gemstone Ring Doublet - Don't Look Back

(via Linjer)


omè Hailey Bracelet: $75

This Hailey Bracelet from omè pairs shimmering emerald-green silk thread with yellow glass beads and a big pink freshwater pearl to create a look that's simple yet undeniably bold. Whoever said that green needs to be the accent color?
omè Hailey Bracelet

(via omè)


Karma and Luck Divine Companion Malachite Agarwood Buddha Charm Bracelet: $59

This Divine Companion Malachite Agarwood Buddha Charm Bracelet from Karma and Luck will leave you feeling extra lucky this St. Patrick's Day. The brand's pieces are all crafted with intention and purpose, and this bracelet blends marbled malachite for abundance and manifesting your truth with agarwood beads for healing and harmony. It even features a tiny Buddha to remind you to keep yourself open to the wisdom of the world.

Karma and Luck Divine Companion Malachite Agarwood Buddha Charm Bracelet

(via Karma and Luck)


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Glazd Jewels Jade Magic Mushroom Necklace: $18

There's something about the Mushroomcore aesthetic that simply speaks to our souls, and this Jade Magic Mushroom Necklace from Glazd Jewels is stunning in its delicate shade of green. Jade is said to be a calming and comforting stone that helps us work through our fears—but even if you don't believe in all of that stuff, it still features a fabulous fungus.

Glazd Jewels Jade Magic Mushroom Necklace

(via Glazd Jewels)


Emi Jay Big Effing Clip in Pistachio: $34

Don't feel like dealing with your hair? Emi Jay has the best claw clips around, and their Big Effing Clip will keep all of your hair effortlessly in place in our favorite peaceful shade of green.

Emi Jay Big Effing Clip in Pistachio

(via Emi Jay)


Dezi On Read Sunglasses: $65

When it comes to sunglasses, the bolder the better, and these Dezi On Read Sunglasses are eye-catching in every way. From the sharp, angular frames to the shape of the lenses, they're anything but your average pair of sunnies, and the green color makes them even more irresistible.

Dezi On Read Sunglasses

(via Dezi)


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Min & Mon Squid Charm: $25

If charms and key rings aren't bursting with personality, do you even want to attach them to your stuff? This genuine leather Squid Charm from Min & Mon is quirky as well as adorable with its tasseled tentacles, and you can clip it just about anywhere to rock a touch of green any time of year. The charm actually comes in four shades of green, and with two of them sold out at the moment, you should nab this one before it's gone, too.

Min & Mon Squid Charm

(via Min & Mon)


Bandolier Donna Crossbody: $98

These days, we love it when we can travel light, and this Donna Crossbody bag from Bandolier is the perfect minimalist substitute for a handbag, carrying your phone and a few cards, and none of the non-essentials. You don't see this light jade color every day, and we love it when a chic piece can also feel unique and original.
Glazd Jewels Jade Magic Mushroom Necklace

(via Bandolier)


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