The Cutest Heart-Covered Fashion Pieces for Valentine's Day

While dainty hearts may not be everyone's cup of tea, this Valentine's Day, we're fully embracing the aesthetic with all things lovey-dovey.

We plan on getting all decked out in hearts, from our outfits to our jewelry and other accessories, and lucky for us, we don't have to look far to find some truly memorable pieces to add to our collections. If you're also on the hunt for all things covered in hearts, simply keep scrolling to discover our faves.

Mountain & Moon Green Onyx Juliet Earrings: $110

Love isn't always easy, and we love the way these Juliet Earrings from Mountain & Moon capture the sentiment. The faceted heart shape, complete with dangling daggers, reminds us of the classic doomed love story, and the green onyx stones make these hearts anything but basic.

Mountain & Moon Green Onyx Juliet Earrings

(via Mountain & Moon)


Ninfa Handmade Heart Necklace: $73

Of course, there's nothing wrong with a classic red heart. This Heart Necklace from Ninfa Handmade is hand-crafted from glass with love and care, with the prettiest red tone which pairs nicely with its gold-plated chain.

Ninfa Handmade Heart Necklace

(via Ninfa Handmade)


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Blossom Box Jewelry Kali Heart Bracelet Set in Blue: $40

For those times when lots of stacked hearts are more powerful than just one, try wearing one of these lovely, hand-made Kali Heart Bracelets from Blossom Box Jewelry. They're gold-plated and set with lovely blue-green polki stones, and are striking enough to wear alone for V-Day, or layered with your other favorites when it's not the season of love.

Blossom Box Jewelry Kali Heart Bracelet Set in Blue

(via Blossom Box Jewelry)


omè Caro Necklace: $140

For a big, eye-catching heart piece you plan on wearing all the time, check out omè's Caro Necklace. The large heart is made from real shell, giving it a pearlescent, glowy finish, while the ends of the necklace also feature freshwater pearls.

omè Caro Necklace

(via omè)


Lisa Todd Follow Your Heart Sweater: $98

Valentine's Day's arrival in the middle of February technically makes it a winter holiday, and if you need a cozy sweater to wear for the season, it might as well feature an adorable heart. We're big fans of the hand-drawn look of the embroidered heart, with an arrow right through the center, and the way the green stitching contrasts with the deep blue of the sweater.

Lisa Todd Follow Your Heart Sweater

(via Lisa Todd)


REVICE Denim Hollywood Heartthrob Jumpsuit: $92

Is there anything better than the way this genius Hollywood Heartthrob Jumpsuit from REVICE Denim creates a heart with the cut-out in the back? The retro look, complete with flared legs, makes for a V-Day look that's impossible to forget.

REVICE Denim Hollywood Heartthrob Jumpsuit

(via REVICE Denim)


Giant Vintage Corazon Crystal-Amber Heart-Shaped Sunglasses: $16

Everyone needs a great pair of Valentine's sunglasses, and these Corazon-Amber Heart-Shaped Sunglasses from Giant Vintage have the dreamiest rounded heart outline and rose tint. They're just too cute, and have a style you can get away with wearing all spring and summer long.

Giant Vintage Corazon Crystal-Amber Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

(via Giant Vintage)


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ANEA HILL Fille Heart Necklace: $62

Few color combinations are more elegant than gold with white, and this Fille Heart Necklace from ANEA HILL brings those tones together beautifully. The gold heart outline at the center is perfectly dainty, while the white marble beads add an extra touch of class.

ANEA HILL Fille Heart Necklace



Chaser Barbed Wire Heart: $62

Here's another great piece for feeling anyone feeling a bit prickly when it comes to matters of love. This Barbed Wire Heart T-shirt from Chaser is a ridiculously comfy black tee with a rainbow barbed wire print over the heart and on the back, so the colors really pop without having to put a ton of thought into your Valentine's look.

Chaser Barbed Wire Heart

(via Chaser Brand)


Karma and Luck Spiritual Delight Ring: $99

This Spiritual Delight Ring from Karma and Luck doesn't just have a heart on it—it's also designed specifically to channel your ability for unconditional love. It also features real sapphire and blue topaz stones, opening you up to the wisdom you need to discover true love.

Karma and Luck Spiritual Delight Ring

(via Karma and Luck)


Love Classic Heart Knee High Socks: $9.99

When it's chilly out, we live by knee-high socks, and Love Classic always has great options that are the trifecta of comfy, warm and super cute. These Heart Knee High Socks come in black with lots and lots of white hearts for one of the sweetest looks around.

Love Classic Heart Knee High Socks

(via Love Classic)


Betsey Johnson Kitsch Box O Chocolates Crossbody: $108

This incredible Kitsch Box O Chocolates Crossbody bag from Betsey Johnson looks exactly like an expensive box of Valentine's Day chocolates, and we don't know if we've ever seen something better for the holiday. We recommend actually filling it with chocolates and doling them out to become the most popular person wherever you are on V-Day.

Betsey Johnson Kitsch Box O Chocolates Crossbody

(via Betsey Johnson)


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Arcanum Troilite Heart Bracelet: $40.44

Looking for a heart piece with a bit more edge? This Troilite Heart Bracelet from Arcanum is made from angular stainless steel chains, contrasting with the cool blue of the heart-shaped troilite stone. According to Arcanum, troilite promotes higher awareness, enhancing self-love for the month of love.

Arcanum Trolleite Heart Bracelet

(via Arcanum)


Rat Betty Tiny Heart Band Ring: $50

Who said that heart-shaped pieces have to be shaped like cartoon hearts? This incredible Tiny Heart Band Ring from Rat Betty is actually modeled after a human heart, making it stand out from everything else as the world celebrates love and romance.

Rat Betty Tiny Heart Band Ring

(via Rat Betty)


Uncommon James White Heart Necklace: $58

Cute accessories don't have to draw tons of attention to be effective, and this White Heart Necklace from Uncommon James is as beautiful as it is small. With its thin gold chain and angular enamel heart, it's as dainty as can be.

Uncommon James White Heart Necklace

(via Uncommon James)


Cupshe Anissa V-Neck Long Sleeve Short Dress: $34.99

We don't know if there's anything more classic for Valentine's Day than layered hearts, and this Anissa V-Neck Long Sleeve Short Dress from Cupshe takes lots of tiny hearts in red and pink and overlaps them over a black background to create a lovely pattern. The cut of the dress is also stunning, with a waist tie giving it a unique shape.

Cupshe Anissa V-Neck Long Sleeve Short Dress

(via Cupshe)


LAKE Pima Long-Short Weekend Set in Pink Heart: $98

Bedtime is as good of a time as any to get decked out in your favorite heart patterns, and this Pima Long-Short Weekend Set from LAKE gets it just right with its simple and classic look. These PJs are also super soft, making it easier than ever to get your beauty sleep.

LAKE Pima long-Short Weekend Set in Pink Heart

(via LAKE)


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Brilliant Earth Silver Heart Pink Sapphire Pendant: $95

This Silver Heart Pink Sapphire Pendant from Brilliant Earth is totally classic, with a look sure to stand the test of time. We love the slightly asymmetrical heart shape, and its playful angle and the sparkling pink sapphire at its center give us all the feels.

Brilliant Earth Silver Heart Pink Sapphire Pendant

(via Brilliant Earth)


Calzedonia Sheer Stripes and Heart Short Socks: $9

This pair of Sheer Stripes and Heart Short Socks from Caldzedonia has us convinced we need way more of this style in our lives. They add a touch of sass to all kinds of looks, and the rose appliqué makes them even more suited for Valentine's Day.

Calzedonia Sheer Stripes and Heart Short Socks

(via Calzedonia)


Rebecca Minkoff Heart Stud Quilt Pillow Clutch: $198

A great clutch is a going-out essential, no matter the season, and this Heart Stud Quilt Pillow Clutch is about to become one of your favorites. It has the look of black leather, with antique brass studs creating a heart pattern that's chic instead of cutesy. Plus, an interior zip pocket will keep all of your belongings in order.

Rebecca Minkoff Heart Stud Quilt Pillow Clutch

(via Rebecca Minkoff)


NA-KD Heart Shape Corset Top: $44.95

Corsets are so in, and if your plans for your Valentine's Day ensemble include a corset top, it might as well be on point with a heart-shaped neckline that's somehow subtle and in-your-face all at once.

NA-KD Heart Shape Corset Top

(via NA-KD)


QUAY Love Struck Sunglasses: $75

If you're looking for a big, bold pair of sunnies that also feels perfectly in line with the holiday, check out these Love Struck Sunglasses from QUAY. The red, heart-shaped frames are unapologetically V-Day, yet these glasses are stylish enough to wear any time of the year.

QUAY Love Struck Sunglasses

(via QUAY)


Resa Jane Top in Amore: $68

Looking for a show-stopping piece to have all eyes on you this Valentine's Day? Look no further than this Resa Jane Top in Amore, with dainty pink hearts patterned over a deep maroon color for a touch of romance, and an adjustable halter neck, tying at the neck as well as the waist to create a flirtatious statement, however you rock it.

Resa Jane Top in Amore

(via Resa)


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