Decorate Your Tree With All of the Cutest Holiday Ornaments of Winter 2022

There are few holiday traditions we love more than decorating the Christmas tree, which is why we'll never settle for boring and bland ornaments.

The pieces on and around your tree should be fun, festive and—most of all—reflective of you, and lucky for all of us, brands are getting more and more creative with their ornament selections each and every year. Looking to add a personal touch to your tree? Keep scrolling for the cutest options we've seen for 2022.

Old World Christmas Charcuterie Board Ornament: $24.99

Charcuterie kind of took over our lives in 2022. If you're the same, why not flaunt it with this cute charcuterie-themed ornament from Old World Christmas?

Old World Christmas Charcuterie Board Ornament

(via Old World Christmas)


Sur la Table Gingerbread House Glass Ornament: $27.96

Our gingerbread houses are never as aesthetically pleasing as the ones we see all over Instagram, but we can enjoy picture-perfect seams and detailing thanks to this glass ornament from Sur la Table, leaving the real ginger cookies for snacking.

Sur la Table Gingerbread House Glass Ornament

(via Sur la Table)


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Kurt S. Adler Diet Coke Bottle Beaded Ornament: $14.95

We all know that person who drinks Diet Coke like water, and this cute, bedazzled ornament from the Coca-Cola Store makes the perfect gift for the fanatic in your life—even if that's yourself.

Kurt S. Adler Diet Coke Bottle Beaded Ornament

(via Coca-Cola Store)


Pottery Barn Mercury Glass Sweater Ornament: $9

We don't know quite why they call them "ugly" Christmas sweaters, because the festive styles are unimaginably darling, and this little Pottery Barn ornament reminds us of the beloved holiday tradition.

Pottery Barn Mercury Glass Sweater Ornament

(via Pottery Barn)


Altar'd State Furry Dog With Lights: $16

We just want to pet and cuddle this furry Altar'd State dog ornament. With its fluffy brown fur and Christmas lights, it'll delight anyone who loves dogs—and isn't that most people?

Altar'd State Furry Dog With Lights

(via Altar'd State)


Cody Foster & Co. Taylor Swift Ornament: $24.5

This Cody Foster & Co. ornament may not be the spitting image of Taylor Swift, but it blows our minds that the ornament exists at all. A Swiftie's tree truly isn't complete with it.

Cody Foster & Co. Taylor Swift Ornament

(via Paper Source)


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Hallmark Gremlins Caroling Gremlin Ornament: $17.99

Gremlins may be the scariest and most traumatizing Christmas movie out there, but if you like all things dark and spooky, chances are you'll be captivated by this caroling gremlin ornament from Hallmark.

Hallmark Gremlins Caroling Gremlin Ornament

(via Hallmark)


Pikachu Winter Wonders Flat Brass Ornaments: $34.99

We love a monochromatic Christmas tree theme, and if you're going for a shimmering gold look, but still want to inject a bit of pop culture fun into the look, we think these Pikachu Winter Wonders ornaments are just the thing.

Pikachu Winter Wonders Flat Brass Ornaments

(via The Pokémon Center)


Lenox Personalized Grogu Ornament: $39.95

We dare you to name a character cuter than The Mandalorian's Grogu—and he's somehow even more adorable in the form of this holiday ornament from Lenox. Even better, he can be personalized with your name to make the piece a special heirloom for years to come.

Lenox Personalized Grogu Ornament

(via Lenox)


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NOUS75 Christmas Delight Scented Wreath: $47.99

If you're looking for a holiday ornament that doubles as a fragrance, NOUS75 has some stunning options, including this Christmas Delight Scented Wreath. It's got a festive look while smelling of Christmas trees, peppermint, warm vanilla and clove, so you can decorate your tree or bring the feeling of Christmas into the other rooms of your home.

NOUS75 Christmas Delight Scented Wreath

(via NOUS75)


Official The Grinch Countdown Character: $80

This The Grinch figure doesn't technically go on your tree, but it's one of the most innovative Christmas pieces we've seen yet. It's a Countdown Character advent calendar, meaning that for every day leading up to Christmas, there's a new piece to open as you construct this lively Grinch day-by-day and piece-by-piece. We love the idea of putting him under the tree on the 25th to show off your work—especially as he mischievously sneaks away, having stolen Christmas.

Official The Grinch Countdown Character

(via Just Geek)


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