10 Ridiculously Snuggly Plushies We Can't Help But Squeeze

It doesn't matter how much we grow up—we'll never be too old for adorable, cuddly plushies.

There's something about cute, soft and squishy stuffed animals that we simply can't resist, and we know we're far from the only ones. Whether your space needs a little touch of sweetness or you need another friend to add to your army of plushies at home, there's always room for a plush in your life, and we've gathered some of our very favorites in the list below.

Fluffnest Gus the Shiitake Mushroom: $55

Fluffnest never ceases to make us go "aww" with their quirky and adorable plushies, but Gus the Shiitake Mushroom may be their most classic character of all. With his rounded body, stubby limbs and puffy mushroom cap, he'll stand out anywhere you put him, and makes for the perfect cuddly plush.

Fluff Nest Gus the Shiitake Mushroom

(via Fluffnest)


TeeTurtle Reversible Red Panda & Panda Plushie: $15

Why settle for just one darling plush when you can get two in one with a reversible toy from TeeTurtle? This one starts off as a moody black and white panda, and flips inside of itself to reveal a happy-go-lucky red panda. However you're feeling, this plushie can relate.

TeeTurtle Reversible Red Panda & Panda Plushie

(via TeeTurtle)


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Huggaroo Lamb Weighted Stuffed Animal: $49.98

Huggaroo's plushes simply do more, looking as cute as your favorite stuffed animals while also working like weighted blankets for deep pressure stimulation. This lamb weighs 3.6 lbs., so you can set it in your lap and let your worries melt away with a fuzzy friend by your side.

Huggaroo Lamb Weighted Stuffed Animal

(via Huggaroo)


Sloth Warmies: $29.99

For a different type of double-duty plush pet, there are Warmies. These cuties aren't just cuddly, but also microwavable, providing warmth and relaxation any time. They're also scented with French lavender, adding to that sense of calm—and can you resist that little sloth face?

Sloth Warmies

(via Warmies)


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Patet Whale Plush Toy: $23

We love this Patet Whale Plush Toy for its extra-fuzzy and soft fur and totally classic look. While its construction makes it safe for all ages, we're hogging this one all for ourselves.

Patet Whale Plush Toy

(via Patet)


Fanta Orange Can Pillow: $29.95

Rep your favorite soda in the world with a soft and squeezable Fanta Orange Can Pillow from the Coca-Cola Store. This thing is so soft, with fun and fanciful colors, and if you'd rather sip on something else, they also offer can pillows featuring classic Coca-Cola, plus Cherry and Diet varieties, as well as Sprite—or, you can collect the whole set!

Fanta Orange Can Pillow

(via Coca-Cola Store)


Bunnies by the Bay Great Big Foxy: $59.95

Bunnies by the Bay is known for its high-quality plushes, designed to stand the test of time, and we especially love this Great Big Foxy stuffed animal because it has the look of a beloved family heirloom passed on through the ages. With soft fur and fluffy details, it's got a classic, nostalgic look that we find irresistible.

Bunnies by the Bay Great Big Foxy

(via Bunnies by the Bay)


Lorenzo the Squishmallow: $19.99

No list of plushies would be complete without Squishmallows, the softest, most huggable plushes around, and at the moment, we're totally enamored with Lorenzo the banana slug. His look is simple, yet unimaginably sweet, with his little face, light tummy and antennae, and metallic slug spots on his back above his tail.

Lorenzo the Squishmallow

(via Squishmallows)


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Yummy World Avocado Plush With Pit: $36.99

Yummy World's food-inspired plushes almost delight us, but Eva the Avocado has to be a new favorite. While they could have just made her a full avocado, they instead made her zip in half, revealing her bright green insides and a whole other character in the form of Piper the avocado pit.


Yummy World Avocado Plush With Pit

(via Kidrobot)


My Neighbor Totoro Catbus and Totoro Plush: $28.80

Studio Ghibli fans will love this plush featuring My Neighbor Totoro's Catbus, as well as a tiny grey Totoro that fits inside. The Catbus may be sturdy, but that doesn't make him any less cuddly, reminding longtime lovers of the classic film of their favorite anime adventure.

My Neighbor Totoro Catbus and Totoro Plush

(via Bandai Namco)

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