Is THIS The Cutest Instagram You've Ever Seen?!

Like any normal human being, we spend about half our day scrolling through our Instagram feed and getting lost on the explore tab. All those hours spent on Insta have paid off in a major way, because we have found ~the~ single most glorious Instagram account you will ever lay your eyes on. It's run by Charlotte Love, a stylist from London, and her account is @charlottelovely. Here are just a few examples of her most adorable posts that will have you dying from cuteness overload.

Cutest Instagram of Charlottelovely

(via @charlottelovely)


1. Head In The Clouds

Charlotte Love instagram picture

Such Sleep. Much Dreams.


2. Orange You Glad You Saw This?

Charlotte Lovely's orange isntagram picture

Yes. Yes, we are.


3. R-AAAHHH-spberries

Raspberries instagram pic

Low key cried over this beautiful piece of art.¯\_(ツ)_/¯


4. Flower Child

Flower crown art instagram pic

This just in! Flower crowns are def a thing again!


5. BAD-nana

Bad Banana instagram picture

He's rotten to the peel.


6. Mustachio Ice Cream

Cute ice cream with a mustache instagram art

This is the only time we will ever say this about ice cream, but it's too cute to eat.


7. Got Milk?

Spilled milk instagram art

Spilled milk has never looked classier.


8. Mr. Squeakers

Mouse Instagram art

Hide yo crumbs, because he's coming for them.


9. Spotted

Leopard spotted banana instagram picture

Can you ~spot~ the banana?


You're obsessed, we know. Go follow @charlottelovely on Instagram. And when you're done doing that, you should follow THESE 12 accounts.