The Cutest Striking Mermaidcore Fashion Pieces to Wear the Trend All Summer Long

Mermaidcore is one of the hottest fashion trends of summer 2023, and with the arrival of The Little Mermaid live-action remake, it's only going to get even bigger.

There are a billion things to love around the trend, from the pearlescent, shimmery hues to the incorporation of seashells and pearls and ruffled, feminine accents reminiscent of a mermaid's tail. Can't get enough? Just keep scrolling to discover our favorite pieces to help you rock the trend this summer.

Cupshe X STASSIE Abstract Abalone Cutout Monokini: $33.99

If you're the type of mermaid who likes to spend all of your time in the water, you're going to need a great swimsuit, like this Abstract Abalone Cutout Monokini from Cupshe X STASSIE. The mother-of-pearl-inspired ombre dye is absolutely stunning, while the asymmetrical look will make you feel like a queen at the beach or by the pool.

Cupshe X STASSIE Abstract Abalone Cutout Monokini

(via Cupshe)


ALT SWIM Etoile Boobtube: $70

Mermaidcore doesn't have to mean lots of color, and this Etoile Boobtube top from ALT SWIM is proof. The black bandeau swimsuit top features a gold metal starfish to accompany you on your seaside adventures.

ALT SWIM Etoile Boobtube

(via ALT SWIM)


Monday Swimwear Andros Sarong: $89

A gorgeous sarong is just the thing for taking your mermaid look from the water to your next destination, and this Andros Sarong from Monday Swimwear will give you a sleek, elongated look that's almost as good as a mermaid tail.

Monday Swimwear Andros Sarong

(via Monday Swimwear)


Edikted Luka Tie Front Knit Top: $32

For your time on land, nothing screams Mermaidcore quite like dainty ruffles, and we love the way they're incorporated into this Luka Tie Front Knit Top from Edikted. It's just the thing for the steamy summertime, with a lightweight sheer knit fabric and ruffled hem and sleeves.

Edikted Luka Tie Front Knit Top

(via Edikted)


Dynamite Violet Open Back Slip Midi Dress: $69.96

For the evenings, silky, sleek dresses are the perfect embodiment of Mermaidcore, and we don't know if we've seen one cuter than this Violet Open Back Slip Midi Dress from Violet. The satin material gives off that oceanic shimmer, while the bust reminds us of Ariel's signature seashell bikini.

Dynamite Violet Open Back Slip Midi Dress

(via Dynamite)


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Nadine Merabi Karla Iridescent Green Blazer: $136

If we were to have mermaid tails IRL, we'd want them to be in exactly the hue and sheen of this Karla Iridescent Green Blazer from Nadine Merabi. It's made with a unique green and blue iridescent sequin fabric that changes under the light and is sure to have every eye on you.

Nadine Merabi Karla Iridescent Green Blazer

(via Nadine Merabi)


Nine West Holographic Pumps: $54.99

The pearly holographic look is also fabulous for shoes, such as these Nine West Holographic Pumps from Forever 21. They're not just metallic but gorgeously reflective with all of the colors of the rainbow, with a pointed toe and 4.25-inch stiletto heel to give you the lift you've been looking for.

Nine West Holographic Pumps

(via Forever 21)


Glimmer Wish Mermaid Selfcare Keepall and Purple Pearl Pouch: $95

Need a mermaid-inspired bag to rock with your ensemble? Look no further than this Mermaid Selfcare Keepall from Glimmer Wish, featuring that signature underwater shimmer and a clamshell shape. It's designed to tote all of your favorite self-care products and accessories, and also comes with an iridescent lilac pouch to keep your most valuable goodies tucked away.

Glimmer Wish Mermaid Selfcare Keepall and Purple Pearl Pouch

(via Glimmer Wish)


SVNR Labadee Mini Tote: $215

And if you're looking for a subtler beachside bag, we think this SVNR Labadee Mini Tote has your name written all over it. Yes, it's a bit pricier than the other items on this list, but this fishnet-inspired summer tote is classically stylish in both black and ecru while featuring thingamabobs aplenty to really help you live that Ariel lifestyle.

SVNR Labadee Mini Tote

(via SVNR)



We first fell in love with these CASIO G-SHOCK Move G-LIDE watches thanks to the stunning beachy colorways, but after learning more about them, we're even more obsessed. They're designed specifically for the surfer mermaids out there, providing data on tides and the moon to help them catch the perfect waves, and they're also water resistant up to about 200 meters.


(via CASIO)


Lele Sadoughi Gold Coquille Stud Earrings: $38

The simplicity of these Gold Coquille Stud Earrings from Lele Sadoughi is precisely what makes them so irresistible. We adore the shape of the classic scallop shell and how they're rendered here in gold.

Lele Sadoughi Gold Coquille Stud Earrings

(via Lele Sadoughi)



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STUDIOCULT Fish Hook Earring: $50

If you're looking to take an edgier approach to the Mermaidcore trend, you need these STUDIOCULT Fish Hook Earrings in your life. They're made with stainless steel, resembling a razor-ship fish hook (without the pain) and with a faux gauge to further sell the look.

STUDIOCULT Fish Hook Earring



Emma Pills Shore Thing Ring: $69

Emma Pills has all kinds of beautiful seashell-inspired pieces available, but we especially adore this Shore Thing Ring. The delicate shell shape pairs wonderfully with the ring's thick band, and the result is just too cute.

Emma Pills Shore Thing Ring

(via Emma Pills)


omè Oda Necklace: $90

omè's handmade pieces are perfect for the minimalist mermaid, and we especially love this Oda Necklace. The thin, red silk thread is vibrant without being over the top, and the single pearl accent is wonderfully dainty.

omè Oda Necklace

(via omè)


Notte Jewelry Noto Pearly Necklace: $138

Not afraid to make a statement? Look no further than Notte Jewelry's Noto Pearly Necklace, combining mother-of-pearl shells with freshwater pearl and glass beads, evocative of your favorite collection of elegant seashells.

Notte Jewelry Noto Pearly Necklace

(via Notte Jewelry)


BONBONWHIMS Aperitivo Necklace Set: $118

And for the maximalist girlies, there's BONBONWHIMS' Aperitivo Necklace Set. The full set actually consists of three necklaces, including one with tiny rainbow beads and a pearly necklace with an ombre purple hard, but our favorite has to be the beachy puka shell necklace, available with or without red and blue starfish accents.

BONBONWHIMS Aperitivo Necklace Set



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