Capricorns Will LOVE These Adorable Sea Goat Pieces

Capricorn's half-goat, half-fish representation in the zodiac is probably the most unusual of the entire year, and that's precisely why we're obsessed with it.

The sea goat certainly isn't a creature you see every day, which is why we think it makes a great statement anytime it's featured on stylish accessories and other bold pieces. That can also make tracking down these pieces harder than items featuring the other zodiac signs, which is why we've rounded up our favorite sea goat goodies that any Capricorn will love.

Whatever Floats Your Goat Crew Socks: $14

Whether the bottom half of the goat on these ShopGroovyThingsCo socks is actually a fish remains to be seen, but we love this seafaring critter regardless. These socks are a lot of silly fun, with vibrant blues, bold text and a comfy fit that's sure to please anyone who loves novelty socks.

Whatever Floats Your Goat Crew Socks

(via Etsy/ShopGroovyThingsCo)


Capricorn Horoscope Necklace: $89.91

This Capricorn Horoscope Necklace from PangeaSilver on Etsy is made of real silver with a worn, oxidized look that makes it look like an heirloom passed on through the generations. It's got a minimalist vibe that will appeal to the old-school nature of most Caps.

Capricorn Horoscope Necklace

(via Etsy/PangeaSilver)


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Vintage CORO Zodiac Capricorn Stud Earrings: $7.56

Looking for something with a vintage feel? These stud earrings from SusVintage on Etsy are detailed yet dainty, so they can be understated and make a statement at the same time.

Vintage CORO Zodiac Capricorn Stud Earrings

(via Etsy/SusVintage)


Nirvana Threads Capricorn Tarot Tapestry: $26.95

While the Capricorn zodiac sign doesn't actually have a card in the standard tarot deck, this cute Nirvana Threads tapestry creates a stunning design that would fit right into the Rider Waite Smith. It's also packed with symbolism, from the inclusion of the sign's ruling pattern, Saturn, to the carnation representing the flower of the gods. It's also lightweight, making it a breeze to hang in your favorite room.

Nirvana Threads Capricorn Tarot Tapestry

(via Nirvana Threads)


Capricorn Zodiac Pewter Necklace: $5.99

There's something about the sign of Capricorn and vintage pieces that simply go hand-in-hand, and it's easy to love the classic look of this sportily designed sea goat necklace from doubledeesoldthings on Etsy.

Capricorn Zodiac Pewter Necklace

(via Etsy/doubledeesoldthings)


Capricorn Scandinavian Folk Art Mug: $22+

Why drink out of any old mug when you could have one designed just for your highly determined sign? This 15 oz. porcelain mug features a beautiful piece of Scandinavian folk art, originally painted in gouache watercolors, and has to be one of our favorite sea goat designs of all time. Plus, what Capricorn doesn'need their morning caffeine to get a billion things done?

Capricorn Scandinavian Folk Art Mug

(via Etsy/sydmayme)


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Vintage Capricorn Cuff Links: $30

It's not every day that most people wear cuff links, so we think it makes sense to wear a pair that really stands out when the time comes, and this vintage set from shopSerpentine fits the bill. These '60s cuff links are made of pewter, with a playful sea goat design that puts big smiles on our faces.

Vintage Capricorn Cuff Links

(via Etsy/ShopSerpentine)


Big Moods Capricorn Sea Goat Zodiac Sticker: $2.80

We love few things better than stickers, and with this sweet sea goat sticker from Big Moods, you can show off your zodiac pride pretty much wherever you want. In fact, nothing's stopping you from buying a whole bunch and plastering them over all of your stuff—especially because they're sold at such a reasonable price.

Big Moods Capricorn Sea Goat Zodiac Sticker

(via Big Moods)


tokidoki Capricorn Zodiac Unicorno: $15

tokidoki considers their Unicorno figures to be collectible art, rather than toys, and we totally get it when we see this Capricorn Zodiac Unicorno. Sea goat figures are quite rare, and this one is expertly rendered from the twisty tail all the way to the horns—and the unicorn

tokidoki Capricorn Zodiac Unicorno

(via tokidoki)


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Uncommon James Capricorn Zodiac Ring: $58

We love to wear at least one big, chunky ring at all times, and this Capricorn Zodiac Ring from Uncommon James has our names all over it. It features a striking and unforgettable sea goat shape that'll make it stand out in any ring collection. The little cubic zirconia gem is also a lovely touch.

Uncommon James Capricorn Zodiac Ring

(via Uncommon James)


Look HUMAN Zodiacs of the Hidden Temple Capricorn Sea Goat Hoodie: $29.99

And because there are few things better than big, comfy hoodies, we simply had to include one on this list. This design from Look HUMAN is warm as well as cozy, with a drawstring hood and kangaroo pocket, but the best feature has to be the great sea goat design on the chest.

Look HUMAN Zodiacs of the Hidden Templre Capricorn Sea Goat Hoodie

(via Look HUMAN)


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