These Are THE Cutest Ugly Christmas Sweaters of 2021

Whoever named them "ugly" Christmas sweaters clearly had no taste, because colorful knitted holiday sweaters have become one of our favorite aspects of the season.

In recent years, pop culture ugly sweaters have dominated the trend, and we're so glad they're here to stay. But branded sweaters aren't the only looks we've been loving recently. Keep reading to check out the cutest ugly Christmas sweaters we've spotted this year—and maybe you'll find a new favorite look to don this holiday season.

Numskull Official Boba Fett Difuzed Christmas Jumper: $38.39

Boba Fett has always been an iconic Star Wars character, but thanks to The Mandalorian (and the upcoming Disney+ series, The Book of Boba Fett), he's as beloved now as he ever was. Rep your love for the butt-kicking, sharp-shooting bounty hunter with this lovely Christmas jumper featuring his signature colors and insignias. It'll be the envy of all the fans at the party.

Numskull Boba Fett Christmas Sweater

(via Just Geek)


Tipsy Elves Women's Christmas Light Strand Sequin Sweater Dress: $109.95

Not really into the pop culture holiday sweaters? Then we definitely recommend something from Tipsy Elves—and this chic, glamorous sweater dress is glitzy yet subdued all at once. With the help of silver and gold sequins, it looks like it's covered in real glittering Christmas lights, and we couldn't be more obsessed with the look.

Tipsy Elves Christmas Light Strands Sequin Sweater Dress

(via Tipsy Elves)


Fun Matrix Ugly Sweater: $34.99+

The Matrix trilogy is a must-watch for all sci-fi fans, and the fact that the series will be back this year with a fourth film, The Matrix Resurrections, has us more excited than ever. If you're looking forward to it as much as we are, then this Matrix-themed ugly sweater is just right for you. With a black background and "code rain" in white and green, it's bold yet subtle all at once.

Fun Matrix Ugly Christmas Sweater

(via Fun)


Ragstock Winnie the Pooh Ugly Christmas Pullover: $69.99

We love a good Christmas sweater that actually resembles the classic ugly sweaters of old, and this Winnie the Pooh pullover in particular has our hearts. We love the skiing Pooh, complete with cute earmuffs, and the '80s-style color blocks and snowflakes definitely complete the look.

Ragstock Winnie the Pooh Sweater

(via Ragstock)


Numskull Official Trolls Christmas Jumper: $38.39

Love bold, vibrant colors every time of the year? This Trolls sweater has your name written all over it. We love the immediately recognizable silhouettes of the classic trolls, as well as the neon purples, yellows, blues and pinks all over this sweater. You won't be able to stop the feeling of adoring this cozy sweater.

Numskull Trolls Christmas Sweater

(via Just Geek)


Tipsy Elves Too Lit Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater: $64.95

Yes—this sweater from Tipsy Elves is adorned in actual Christmas lights that glow. Is there anything more festive than that? With your own light show going on, you'll legitimately be "too lit to quit," and we guarantee that all eyes will be on you.

Tipsy Elves Too Lit Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater

(via Tipsy Elves)


Fun Willy Wonka Ugly Sweater: $34.99+

Before we get the new Willy Wonka movie starring Timothée Chalamet, let's not forget the classic, starring Gene Wilder, in the form of this Christmas sweater. While the oranges, purples, blacks and greens of the sweater remind us a little more of Halloween than Christmas, it's still just the thing to wear for the holiday—and bonus points if you bring chocolate to the party for everyone to enjoy.

Fun Willy Wonka Ugly Sweater

(via Fun)


Numskull The Suicide Squad Christmas Jumper: $38.39

The Suicide Squad was probably our favorite superhero movie of the year, and we also can't get enough of this loud holiday sweater repping the movie. Though the yellow, red, black and white color palette is simple, we love the bombastic repeated pattern, symbolizing all of our favorite beloved characters from the film. We're just not sure if we loved Nanaue or Ratcatcher more!

Numskull The Suicide Squad Christmas Sweater

(via Just Geek)


Tipsy Elves Sleighin' It Ugly Christmas Sweater: $99.95

Here's another punny Tipsy Elves sweater we can't stop thinking about. It looks extra comfy, and wearable for an all-night holiday party, but we're extra fond of the sequined reindeer and the extra bit of shimmer it adds to the look.

Tipsy Elves Sleighin' It Sweater

(via Tipsy Elves)


Fun Harley Quinn Hammer Time Ugly Christmas Sweater: $34.99+

Yes—technically Harley Quinn is represented twice on this list, but we love her so much we couldn't help it. This one features her classic harlequin look from Batman: The Animated Series, plus her signature mallet, and we think the diamond pattern all across the sweater really ties the look together.

Fun Harley Quinn Ugly Sweater

(via Fun)


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