These Are the 11 Most Adorable 'Ugly' Holiday Sweaters of 2020

Remember when ugly Christmas sweaters were actually ugly? Neither do we.

In fact, each year, we find ourselves more and more impressed by the delightfully adorable holiday sweater offerings from our favorite brands. While some sweaters are all about embracing the inherent gaudiness of some holiday traditions, others are vehicles for wearing your love for pop culture on your sleeve—quite literally.

Not sure which sweater you want to don this holiday season? Keep reading to discover 11 of our 2020 favorites.

Official Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child/Baby Yoda Christmas Jumper: $34.99

If 2020 is superior to 2019 in one way, it's that the official Baby Yoda (or Grogu, if you prefer) merch is ample this year. Numskull is all about high-quality sweaters that are fully knitted, rather than printed, and this one adorably features The Child in his little carrier, complete with a Mandalorian helmet pattern across the bottom.

The Child Ugly Christmas Sweater

(via Geek Store)


Ghost Of Multiverse Present Knitted Christmas Sweater: $54.99

Spider-Gwen has been one of our favorite Marvel superheroes for a long time, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse cemented Gwen Stacy's Spider-Woman as one of our all-time fave characters. We love the way that this gorgeous sweater embodies her character, complete with her emblems and color scheme, while incorporating a few holiday elements. It's instantly recognizable and innovative all at once.

Merchoid: Spider-Gwen ugly christmas sweater

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Friends Stockings Holiday Sweater: $35.94

What's more festive and seasonal than making hot drinks and sitting down with the fam in front of the TV to stream Friends? Okay, maybe that'not part of your holiday traditions, but it should be—and this sweater can help. It's adorned with candy canes, mistletoe, snowflakes, string lights and stockings, plus the Friends logo and peppermint drinks straight out of Central Perk.

Box Lunch: Friends Christmas Sweater

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Yeti to Party Freeform Sweater: $59.95

Inspired by 25 Days of Christmas on Freeform, this darling yeti sweater is sure to help you get ready for any socially distanced holiday parties you have going on this year. Made with a soft acrylic material and fully knitted, this sweater is as comfortable as it is cute—and it comes in French bulldog and cat patterns, too!

Tipsy Elves Yeti to Party Sweater

(via Tipsy Elves)


Official Fall Guys Christmas Jumper: $24.99

Our year just wouldn't have been the same without Fall Guys. Whether we're playing ourselves or watching our favorite streamers compete in Fall Guys tournaments online for big cash prizes, we can't get enough of the game, and we love this yarn representation of it, with various bean-shaped characters, Door Dash gates and platform patterns. Of course, the star of the show is the winning bean, complete with its winning crown.

Geekstore Fall Guys christmas sweater

(via Geek Store)


Maruchan Instant Lunch Holiday Sweater: $35.94

If Maruchan Instant Lunch noodles and ramen packets have become some of your go-tos this year, you're in good company. Ramen can be kind of a life-saver, and this adorable Maruchan sweater celebrates them with a hint of holiday spirit. That logo is so cute, and the cups of noodles are a hilarious touch.

Box Lunch Maruchan Ramen Ugly Sweater

(via Box Lunch)


A Wonder-ful Christmas Time Christmas Sweater: $54.99

Who doesn't love Wonder Woman? This festive sweater in Diana's signature red, gold and blue colors manages to feel super Christmassy without losing out on any of the bold details of her famous costume. Her logo is one of our favorites, and we love the Godkiller sword details and the Lasso of Truth looping around the whole thing.

Merchoid: Wonder Woman ugly christmas sweater

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Gaudy Garland Ugly Christmas Cardigan: $54.95

When it comes to your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, why be anything but bold? Despite the literal title of this cardigan including the words "gaudy" and "ugly," we love its festive touch and think it does just enough without being too over-the-top. Lined with garland, packed with glitter and decorated with actual baubles, it'll help you look like a living Christmas tree, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Tipsy Elves: Gaudy Garland Ugly Christmas Sweater

(via Tipsy Elves)


Dragon Ball Z Goku Kanji Holiday Sweater: $35.94

Perhaps the best ugly sweaters of all are the geeky ones you'll really understand if you're in the know. We're obsessed with this one modeled after Goku's iconic orange gi, but love that it feels super seasonal, too. We especially love the Flying Nimbus and Shenron accents. It's definitely the little details that count!

Box Lunch: Goku Christmas Sweater

(via Box Lunch)


The Office Logo Sweater: $39.95

Few classic sitcoms are more beloved than The Office, so if you love the show, why not flaunt it with this The Office-themed holiday sweater? It'mostly a traditional Christmas sweater, but features the recognizable logo of the show at its center, with little red Santa hats on both figures for good measure.

Tipsy Elves: The Office Christmas Sweater

(via Tipsy Elves)


Taco Bell Jingle Bells Taco Shells Holiday Sweater: $35.94

There are some things you never know you need in life until you're presented with them. This Taco Bell-inspired ugly sweater is one of those things. Funnily enough, the festive colors of green, red and yellow just feel authentically Taco Bell, and we love the angular patterns and bell and taco shapes scattered across this sweater. Plus, "Jingle Bells, Taco Shells" should have always been the lyrics to the song, anyway.

Box Lunch: Taco Bell Christmas Sweater

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