These Cute and Unusual Decor Pillows Are ANYTHING But Boring

Getting bored of your space?

Sometimes, all it takes to bring your bed or your favorite comfy chair from dull to dazzling is adding the right decor pillows. And when mom's boring old throw pillows won't do, we recommend doing a little shopping to find the pieces that perfectly complement your personality.

Not sure where to get started? We have some recommendations for cute and unusual decor pillows that are anything but boring.

Green Philosophy Co. Succulent Plush Pillow – Sage Green: $45

Succulents are beautiful, low-maintenance and all-too-collectible houseplants, and we love the way they're immortalized with this unique pillow.  The shape is unique and eye-catching, and the pop of green is just what every plant mom needs.

Green Philosophy Co Succulent pillows

(via Green Philosophy Co.)


Rainbow Throw Pillow: $29

Whether you're celebrating Pride or just love every vibrant color of the rainbow, this rainbow throw pillow is cute enough for anyone to enjoy. We especially love the pom pom clouds.

Crate and Barrel Rainbow Throw Pillow

(via Crate and Barrel)


Scandiborn Ferm Living Dusty Rainbow Snake: $104

This snake-shaped pillow is nearly six feet long, adding charm and a healthy dose of subdued color to your bed or couch. We love the idea of lounging with a giant snake as we unwind—don't you?

Scandiborn ferm living dusty rainbow snake

(via Scandiborn)


Nissin Top Ramen x Gudetama Large Crinkle Plush: $24.99

Top Ramen is one of our go-to treats for days when our pockets are empty, and our hearts are lazy, and this adorable 16-inch, crinkle-textured pillow is a perfect celebration of the noodly dish. Even better, it features Sanrio's lazy egg Gudetama dressed as a chicken to really drive the point home.

Kidrobot plush top ramen gudetama

(via Kidrobot)


BabyEcoDecorShop Sandwich Cookie Pillows: $39+

Here's another pillow that looks almost good enough to eat. They're designed by BabyEcoDecorShop on Etsy and resemble the most tempting sandwich cookies. Even better yet, they're customizable, with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and shortbread options for the "cookie" and vanilla, mint, chocolate and strawberry options for the "filling."

Etsy Sandwich Cookie pillows

(via Etsy)


Uncommon Goods Cactus Bloom Throw Pillow: $30

If you've ever wanted to hug a cuddly cactus without getting pricked, here's your chance! This invitingly round pillow has stitches instead of spines and is topped with a lovely pink blossom. It's vibrant, and it'll look really good next to your succulent pillow.

Uncommon Goods cactus bloom throw pillow

(via Uncommon Goods)


Crate & Kids Shell Pillow: $29

We can't all be lucky enough to live by the seaside, but with scalloped seashell pillow can bring the sea to you. We adore the glittered accents, making it a pillow fit for a mermaid.

Crate and Barrel Shell Pillow

(via Crate & Barrel)


Kidshopia Changsun Creative Vivid 3D Mushroom Pillow: $15.08

If you haven't noticed yet, we are all about pillows with unique shapes, which is why we're such big fans of these huggable mushroom throw pillows. They're as lifelike as they are whimsical, and we're obsessed.

Kidshopia mushrom pillows

(via Kidshopia)


LocalStory Frog Prince Decor Pillow: $22+

Frogs are an it animal in 2021, and you should be afraid to show off your froggy love with an adorable frog prince (or princess!) pillow like this one from LocalStory on Etsy. We can't get enough of that smile, and the crown is a delightful touch. You can also get this sweet frog pillow in pink if that's more your style.

Etsy Frog prince decor pillow

(via Etsy)


Jellycat Fleury Sunflower Plush: $36.99

Want to make your room feel like sunshine and always put a smile on your face? This grinning sunflower plush pillow from Jellycat will help. If this doesn't make you happy, we don't know what will.

Jellycat Sunflower Pillow

(via Jellycat)


Sour Patch Kids Pink Kid Shaped Pillow: $19.99

Whether you're feeling sour or sweet, this vibrant pink Sour Patch Kids plush is just the thing to match your mood. It also has an embossed texture representing the sweet and sour sugar crystals that make Sour Patch Kids unique.

Sour Patch Kids pink kid pillow

(via Sour Patch Kids)


Pillowfort Character Weighted Plush Throw Pillow: $20

Every collection of adorable pillows can use some unicorn magic, and we particularly love this sweet, rather lazy-looking pillow. It's also weighted so that it feels like it's hugging you right back.

Target Unicorn pillow

(via Target)



Kidrobot Andy Warhol Yellow Banana Pop Art Plush: $19.99

Whether you're a fan of pop artist Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground or not, this pillow modeled after an aging banana is impossible to ignore.  The design is so striking and iconic that it'll bring style to any room.

Kidrobot plush banana

(via Kidrobot)


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