9 Cute Water Bottles to Keep You Refreshed All School Year

School can be tough, but staying hydrated all day during class is something that should be easy to maintain.

The perfect water bottle should be high on on your school supplies priority list. Even if it's still summer, it's never too early to be prepared. Keep things cool all year 'round by scrolling the selections below!


1. Polka Dot Water Bottle: $30.00

Because you can never go wrong with polka dots, keep it cute but classic with Kate Spade's black and white-patterned water bottle.

kate spade water bottle

(via Macy's)

2. Heart-Patterned Water Bottle: $25.00-$45.00

The slimmer design and adorable heart print on this chic water bottle already has us sold, but it even comes in different sizes to suit your own needs.


(via Nordstrom)


3. Kiss-Patterned Water Bottle: $23.70

Blow 'em away with this super cute kiss-printed water bottle. This one's a little smaller, but it also comes in a bigger size for a couple extra bucks.


(via Zazzle)


4. Penguin Water Bottle: $26.95

If you're as obsessed with penguins as we are, then you're going to want this little guy with you at. all. times.


(via Zazzle)


5. Dory Water Bottle: $26.35

One of the movies at the top of our must-watch list is of course Finding DorySo obviously you need to "just keep drinking" out of this amazing Dory "Go With the Flow" water bottle.


(via Zazzle)


6. Etched Glass Water Bottle: $18.98

These aren't the most practical for school, but these gorgeous water bottles come in different designs and happen to be perfect for holding cool, refreshing drinks.


(via Etsy)


7. Minnie Mouse Water Bottle: $10.50

Because she's another one of our absolute faves, we had to include this awesome retro-looking Minnie bottle. At only $10.50, this one is an epic steal.


(via Disney Store)


8. Personalized Water Bottle: $13.95

As we know, Etsy is a beautiful place filled with the customizable items and accessories of your dreams. This water bottle is no different. Choose your colors, design and even add a ribbon if you want–go crazy!


(via Etsy)

9. Bubble Gum Pink Water Bottle: $34.95

Flaunt your feminine side with this pink stainless steel water bottle from Elemental. Keeping drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours, this dependable product is the perfect hydration accessory to take with you wherever you go!


(via Elemental)


Water bottles are the perfect way to cool you down, but you'll also want THESE products to help you find your chill the rest of this season.