Teens Teach Seniors To Use Technology In Cyber-Seniors!

Cyber-Seniors is a documentary about an incredible program developed by Kascha and Macaulee Cassaday. They were in high school when they created the program, where senior citizens can learn to use the internet with the help of youth partners!cyber seniors movie poster

The creation of the program was inspired by Mascha and Macaulee's experiences. After teaching their own grandparents how to use technologies like Skype and email, they were able to keep in touch like never before. They wanted to share this incredible feeling with other young people and their grandparents! 

Lucky for us, the beginning of the program was caught on film by their elder sister, Saffron, and compiled into the feature documentary Cyber-Seniors.

The film is full of heartwarming and delightful moments, like when 89-year-old Shura sets out to make her first YouTube video about cooking!

Cyber-Seniors comes to video on demand and digital download on January 27, and will be available on DVD on February 24.

Curious? Stay tuned for more coverage of the film, and tell us about how you've educated others about technology at Sweety High!