Here's Everything You Wanted to Know About Singer-Songwriter and Dancer CYM

When we're feeling a little down, we can't get enough of music that makes us feel like we're in charge. CYM's "Karma" is exactly that.

We're currently obsessed with the singer-songwriter, dancer and model's latest moody tune, which is all about leaving behind toxic relationships and empowering people to put themselves first. If you love CYM as much as we do, keep reading to learn everything you've wanted to know about her.

CYM Woman Crush Wednesday

(Image courtesy of CYM)

Name: Cymber Nicole Larkin

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Birthday: Dec. 11

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

1. CYM's biggest musical inspiration is her mom.

"Ever since I was a little girl, my mom would always sing to me. Once I got old enough, I started singing with her. She taught me how to harmonize and taught me everything I know about stage presence! She's always been a performer, so that inspired me to want to perform and create music. I feel it's my best way of expressing myself."


2. She considers herself a low-key foodie.

"There's this place called KeKe's in Florida that has the best omelets ever. I'm obsessed with them. I could eat them every day and never get sick of them."


3. Not a lot of people know that CYM loves decorating and interior design.

"My sister and I started our own company called Nishea Home. It's an interior design consulting company in which we offer in-home consultations, 3D renderings of homes, customized stylizing decorating services and assistance with home shopping."


4. She and her friends love telling inside jokes that only they find hilarious.

5. She has some really special memories about her mom's home-cooked meals.

"My mom used to cook different meals every night. My favorite one is jambalaya, which is a popular Louisiana-origin dish of Spanish, French and West African influence, consisting mainly of meat and vegetables mixed with rice. I used to help her make it so much that I now know how to make it myself."


6. Her favorite-ever concert was seeing Lady Gaga on her Born This Way Tour.

"She sounded and looked great, and my sister and I screamed every song at the top of our lungs. I've always been a fan of Lady Gaga."


7. Her dad is Cincinnati Reds baseball Hall-of-Famer Barry Larkin.

8. If a movie were to be made about CYM's life, she would love Zoë Kravitz to play her.

"I feel like we have similar characteristics. She has this innocent but edgy vibe about her, and we both have famous dads."


9. She'd describe herself as humble, classy and edgy.

10. She's closer to her sister than anyone else in the world.

"I can tell her anything. She may catch an attitude in the moment, but I can still tell her. We've built a solid sisterhood and friendship over the more recent years."


11. Her biggest piece of relationship advice is to always be you.

"If you start to lose yourself then your relationship will suffer. Never let your significant other forget why they chose you."


12. Her favorite Disney movie of all time is Frozen.

"I love every single song in this movie. I love the storyline and sisterhood depicted in this film, which reminds me of the bond that I have with my sister. My sister and I know every song by heart, and honestly, with the number of times we have seen it, we probably know every scene by heart, too!



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